Audumbla acquires the CRM consultants Store RM

Audumbla acquires the CRM consultants Store RM Audumbla Communication Group AB ('Audumbla') has acquired Store RM from the market communication group, A-Com. Store RM will become part of Audumbla's GADD agency. Store RM works as a consultant and project manager within CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Together with its clients, Store RM establishes creative and effective communication processes by using information which identifies and assesses the strategically most interesting clients. The aim is to establish and strengthen the client's relationships with its clients, with increased 'client lifetime value' as a goal. Store RM works strategically, tactically and operationally with results and effectiveness for the client as its principal objectives. 'The very well managed Store RM and its employees fit in extraordinarily well with the Audumbla family and strengthen our product range considerably. The acquisition is yet another step in our initiatives for the important CRM area,' says Nils Tunebjer, MD of Audumbla Communication Group. 'Store RM has been with A-Com since 1997 and has acted as a consultancy and project management company within CRM. In recent years, a number of companies within A-Com moved in on the CRM scene and this has led to an overlap between the companies. I am pleased for Store RM that Audumbla is now buying the company as it will enable them to develop in a new family,' says Jan Askered of A-Com. 'Our core activity is to help our clients obtain, develop and retain profitable and loyal clients. The expertise which Store RM is now adding to GADD reinforces our CRM product range further,' says Stig Ludvigsen, MD of GADD. Mikael Thiel, MD of Store RM, will become assistant MD and will be responsible for the CRM operation within GADD. For more information, please contact: Nils Tunebjer, MD and CEO Audumbla. Telephone +46(0)709 629 629. Stig Ludvigsen, MD GADD. Telephone +46(0)8 545 222 22 Mikael Thiel, Assistant MD GADD. Telephone +46(0) 705 75 75 75 Jan Askered, A-Com. Telephone +46(0)8 587 078 00 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: