Partnership working is the key to avoiding the Hazards of the EU Waste Framework Directive

How is the fastest changing sector in waste management providing Augean PLC the opportunity to turn hazardous waste into energy? Edward Pigg, Director – Augean Waste Network looks at some of the benefits of strategic partnerships in handling hazardous waste.

The Hazardous Waste sector is the most tightly regulated of all the controlled wastes, and has seen significant changes in handling and treatment methodology over the past four years. Since its introduction in 2008, and its many revisions since, the European Waste Framework Directive, is placing a completely new emphasis on the duty of care required by public sector waste management regimes.

The cost of disposal of hazardous waste is increasing annually not just in terms of financial investment required to adhere to compliance on disposal, but also the costs associated with your reputation in the way hazardous waste is treated. The public sector is under scrutiny to lead the way in best practice and demonstrate a commitment to public safety as well as legislative compliance.

This has all come during an era when public sector organisations are under significant pressure to reduce both waste generation and expenditure, due to cuts in public funding. Therefore, the challenge to the public sector is significant and it is working with strategic partners like Augean that the long term solutions and even benefits of hazardous waste treatment are being discovered.

Augean knows that frequent reviews and understanding of hazardous waste legislation is the key to achieving targets whilst reducing costs, and at Augean there is a team who have unparalleled experience in managing all types of hazardous waste.

This experience has allowed them to invest in a national network of waste management sites and an infrastructure which really supports the public sector as Edward Pigg, Director - Augean Waste Network explains: ‘Our approach has always been to use our experience and strength in the hazardous waste sector to develop partnerships with the public and private sector. We have a full range of services from mobile chemists who can assess the hazardous waste risks at your site and make recommendations on treatment, transfer and disposal to specialist sites such as our East Kent facility which provides High Temperature Incineration (HTI) for waste requiring total destruction.’

‘This range of services through our UK network of sites, means we are working with local authorities, schools, hospitals, laboratories and other departments within the public sector on a daily basis and we can deliver local support with the reassurance from a leading national provider.’

‘The real benefits of working with Augean comes from facilities like our HTI operation and our extensive on-site laboratory allows us to assess your waste streams utilising state of the art analytical techniques, to determine the optimal methods for processing, to comply with strict environmental standards. Augean ensures your reputation is protected by taking this approach.’

‘Providing the highest levels of secure destruction, our HTI burns your waste at temperatures of up to 1200°C, ensuring complete combustion. The major environmental benefit from this process is that the heat from incineration is converted into recovered steam, which is returned back to the energy supply chain. This is just one of the innovative ways we are working to ensure hazardous waste can be disposed of economically, and with a net benefit to the environment through green energy production.’

The critical choice for the public sector is who they should have as a long term partner for handling hazardous waste. Augean not only offers the compelling experience and compliance record, but also the innovation and processes which demonstrate environmental benefits.’

Mark Carton

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Augean PLC was formed in 2004, and is listed on the AIM. The company is the UK’s leading provider of waste management services with an emphasis on hazardous waste.

The name Augean was born out of Greek mythology, inspired by the fifth labour of Hercules.

Augean is the strategic partner for a range of organisations in the land management, oil and gas, construction and nuclear decommissioning sectors. Augean works with other leading waste management companies to offer a complete solution to any business.

With headquarters in Wetherby and a network of sites and facilities across the UK from Avon-mouth to Aberdeen, Augean PLC has become a leading facility for the transfer, treatment and disposal of waste products, with a specialism in hazardous waste.

Augean is committed to delivery the highest quality service in the management of a wide range of hazardous wastes, and provides a strategic partner to businesses in all industrial and construction sectors.


About Us

Augean was formed in September 2004 and listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). The Group strategy is to build and grow a specialist company competent to deliver extremely high standards of service to our clients underpinned by modern technology led infrastructure and to become the market leader in delivering solutions to difficult to handle waste streams from industrial society. The Group strategy is underpinned by European Directives transposed into UK regulations: Landfill Directive Hazardous Waste Directive Integrated Pollution Prevention & Control Directive Waste Framework Directive The Directives focus on recognising waste as a resource, that the UK infrastructure for handling waste needs to be modernised and that difficult and hazardous wastes need specialist facilities and technologies to manage them more responsibly. The board delivers shareholder value by focusing on the management of specialist wastes, usually of a hazardous nature and often in niche markets, using proven technology, trained and highly skilled staff utilising internationally recognised management systems