Using IMS across the business has ensured we underpin all our business activities with a commitment to health and safety, environmental best practice and quality management. This approach has given us a significant edge, as our customers benefit directly from this best practice and added value, and we ensure their reputation through our safeguarding.
Neil Canwell - Director - Land Resources - Augean PLC
Augean are continually striving to address our impact on the environment. As a hazardous waste management company, we take seriously the need to reduce the overall impact on the environment, and we employ best practice and value added processes across the business in handling the waste of our customers. The decision to trial electric vehicles on this scale is just another example of how we are committed to innovative methods, to ensure we minimise our emissions. The trial with TATA will show just how effectively we can add to our zero emissions programme by working in partnership, and bringing every possible benefit to our business and ultimately our customers.
Edward Pigg - Director - Waste Network - Augean PLC
We are delighted to be working with Augean PLC on this trial programme. Our TATA ACE Mini Truck is innovative and designed for just the sort of environment in which the company operates. We have all the quality design features of other commercial truck operators, but with a versatile multi purpose vehicle, which ensures zero CO2 emissions. The many benefits of this vehicle to a responsible and forward thinking company like Augean, are obvious. Their commitment to best practice is exemplified through this type of activity.
Tony Miles, UK Sales Operations Manager at TATA Motors European Technical Centre
This is an important development, and demonstrates yet again our commitment to the sector, and the highest standards in handling hazardous waste. Our value added approach to safeguarding waste for our clients, means that we now offer a unique range of services for the hazardous waste sector. We now have within the business a scope of service which cannot be matched for quality and good practice.
Neil Canwell - Director - Land Resources - Augean PLC
The hazardous waste business is probably the fastest moving sector in the waste industry. This is largely driven by regulation, but also because we have an outstanding range of customers who need a partner for their waste management strategy. At Augean we offer a range of solutions and work with our clients to add value to their processes, and offer a consultative approach to waste management. This delivers a range of benefits. Major companies work with Augean because we are more innovative in the way we deal with their wastes
Edward Pigg
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