Avensia Strengthens Its Presence in the US

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Avensia Continues to expand in the US market. Enterprise Architect Kevin Safstrom is our latest addition to the team. Get to know Kevin and learn more about why he decided to join Avensia's growth journey across the pond. 

What is it like to work at Avensia in the US, and what makes us stand out as an employer? We had a chat with Kevin Safstrom, Enterprise Architect, to find out. 

Who is Kevin Safstrom?

I’m a Senior Enterprise Architect based in Dallas, Texas with 30 years of experience in areas like Process Integration, Commerce, Marketing Analytics, Content Management, Security, Data, and AI.

During my time at IBM, the most exciting role I had was in the Commerce division. I led presales teams that sold eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Digital Analytics, Content Management, Order Management, and Supply Chain software. Solutions in these disciplines can completely transform a customer’s business.

Why did you choose Avensia?

Avensia provided an opportunity for me to get back into e-commerce as well as an entrepreneurial opportunity that did not exist at IBM. I had been passionate about startups and small businesses for years and wanted the opportunity to grow a business myself. Avensia offered the best of both worlds – a startup atmosphere in the US with the backing of a sizeable company. I liked the people I met throughout the interview process, from my future peers to management, to HR, everyone was warm and friendly, but never overselling the job.

What makes Avensia stand out?

Avensia is exactly who they say they are. One of the core values is “care for real”. This value was immediately evident on my onboarding trip to Sweden. Over the weekend, one of my colleagues took me on a personally guided tour of Helsingborg and then to dinner. Knowing that I had Swedish heritage, the team made sure I got to see a bit more of the country than I may have otherwise. The team looks after one another like family, which is wonderful. As a company, Avensia is not afraid to take calculated risks that provide “win or learn” opportunities, making us better in the long term. 

Tell us about your role at Avensia!

After onboarding in Sweden, I returned to the US to start my job as an Enterprise Architect, working with US customers and prospects. In my day-to-day role, I engage in multiple priorities, working with existing customers, helping to sell new business, and growing the US team. Avensia has been committed to my growth as well, allowing me ample time for training and to pursue certification with our Product Information Management partner, inRiver.

Though distant physically, I continue to work regularly with my fellow Enterprise Architects in Sweden, meeting with them at least twice a week to discuss accounts, prospects, and the Enterprise Architects profession. I have contributed to global efforts to improve our Enterprise Architects onboarding process and standardize our customer demos.

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