• Johan Liljeros

    General Manager, Avensia Inc

    20 W Kinzie St, Chicago IL, 60654, US
    +1 (312) 519-1783
  • Quotes

    We chose Avensia due to the company’s significant expertise and outstanding track record in successful digital commerce deployments
    Peter Drozda, business operations manager, at American Orthodontics
    Our new e-commerce site is key to future-proof our digital sales and growth. Already now, just two months after launch of our Swedish site, we’ve seen an incredible increase in conversion rate and the average order value grow by 27%. These results are amazing and excellent proof points that we have a solid foundation when rolling out the site to all our international markets.
    Viktor Sundberg, Head of E-commerce and Digital Marketing, AJ Products
    I’m very impressed by the project execution and how well our teams have collaborated. Avensia has made sure everyone involved keeps their eyes on the project goals so that we stay on track. We’ve been able to launch the new e-commerce site on time and on budget, which is hard to say about a lot of IT projects.
    Thomas Fehn, CIO at Dahl Optimera Norge.
    After only three months, we experienced a 113 percent increase in conversions, a 215 percent increase in transactions, and a 115 percent increase in revenues.
    Rasmus Bengtsson, Online Sales Manager, Stenstroms
    We want to be the best in our industry, and we need to have the right technology and competence in place to succeed. Avensia’s experience of building successful e-commerce platforms for companies like ours was instrumental to our selection of partner.
    Dennis Söderqvist, CEO at BabyWorld.
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