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Avidly Plc, company release, 10 June 2020 at 4 pm EEST


The final result of Avidly Plc’s (“Company” or “Avidly”) rights issue of maximum of 2,487,502 new shares (“Share Issue”) shows that 2,101,117 shares, corresponding to approximately 84.47 percent of the new shares offered (the “Offered Shares”), were subscribed for pursuant to the exercise of subscription rights. The remaining 386,385 Offered Shares have been allocated in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Share Issue first to the key persons belonging to the management of Avidly Group, nominated by the board of directors, who are Jesse Maula, CEO of the Company, Hans Parvikoski, CFO and Ingunn Bjøru, COO, Inbound for the part of the 264 000 Offered Shares, and thereafter to those who have made secondary subscriptions in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Share Issue. Therefore altogether 2,487,502 Offered Shares have been acceptably subscribed for in the Share Issue. As a result of the Share Issue, the total number of shares in the Company will increase by 2,487,502 from 2,487,502 to 4,975,004.

The subscription price in the Share Issue was EUR 1.00 per a Offered Share. As a result of the Share Issue, Avidly receives approximately EUR 2.5 million as new equity before taking into account any transaction costs in relation to the Share Issue.

“I want to thank all existing and new shareholders for the commitment and trust they have shown in Avidly. Completion of the rights issue will strengthen Avidly’s financial position and enable us to develop the company in the long-term. We are now well placed to take advantage of the opportunities in the market while driving growth in our focus areas,” Jesse Maula, CEO of Avidly.

The Offered Shares subscribed and paid acceptably in the Share Issue will be registered with the Finnish Trade Register on or about 15 June 2020. The last day of trading in interim shares on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland marketplace will be on or about 15 June 2020. Interim shares will be combined with the existing shares of the Company on or about 16 June 2020. Trading in the Offered Shares is expected to commence on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland marketplace on or about 16 June 2020.

Management’s ownership in the Company aligns the objectives of the Company’s shareholders and the management for the benefit of the Company and therefore a weighty financial reason exists to issue the Offered Shares to the key persons in the secondary subscription in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Share Issue.

Each Offered Share entitles its holder to one (1) vote at the annual general meeting of the Company. The Offered Shares will entitle their holders to possible dividend, if any, and to other shareholder rights in the Company after they have been registered with the Finnish Trade Register and recorded in the Company’s shareholder register maintained by Euroclear Finland Oy.



Board of Directors

Additional information:

Hans Parvikoski, CFO tel. + 358 40 586 6154

Oaklins Merasco Oy acts as Avidly Plc’s Certified Advisor, tel. +358 9 6129 670

Information on Avidly Plc

Avidly is Finland’s leading marketing service provider and a leading marketing automation company in the Nordics, listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth marketplace in Helsinki. We create an atmosphere for growth to take our customers forward. We are a team of approximately 230 navigators and explorers, makers and shakers in 16 locations in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany. Read more:

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