Smoke development in a container at Azelio's development center in Åmål

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On Tuesday evening, June 16, smoke development was reported in a container at Azelio's development center in Åmål. Azelio's staff was first on-site followed by the fire department. A minor smoldering fire from leaked sodium outside the system generated smoke and a passive extinguishing work was performed, after which the smoldering fire went out and smoke generation ceased. No person was injured in the incident.

The container contained, among other things, two of Azelio's energy storage units. At a first assessment, the incident is not attributable to Azelio's technology and the damage to the container and its contents are of milder nature. The equipment will soon be restored, which is not expected to have any impact on the company's time plan for ongoing commercialization and technology verification.

“Most important, of course, is that no one was harmed. We will now do a thorough review of the incident. What we can already ascertain is that our preparedness for a fire and the collaboration with the fire department is functioning”, says Jonas Eklind CEO of Azelio.

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