Bactiguard enters new partnership for Germany

Bactiguard has entered a new partnership with Asid Bonz GmbH (Asid Bonz) through an exclusive distribution agreement for Germany, including all products in Bactiguard's portfolio.

“Asid Bonz is an experienced, well respected and professionally managed partner that shares our ambitions to grow in the German market by offering premium products and services to the healthcare sector. By teaming up with Asid Bonz’s well connected team, we are confident that we will see a rapid roll-out of our product portfolio and increased market penetration across Germany”, says Christian Kinch, CEO.

“We feel privileged to partner with an innovative medical device company that has developed a solution for an ever-increasing health challenge. Bactiguard is a success story mirrored in its technology, organization, and people. By joining forces, we can create true benefit for all stakeholders in the German healthcare environment,” says Marko Rudnicki Managing Director of Asid Bonz GmbH.

Asid Bonz has been supplying solutions to the German healthcare sector since 1811, and is a leading provider of medical consumables with focus on anaesthesia, urology, surgery, and ward supplies. The company is part of the Medi-Globe Group, whose other operating units include Asept InMed SAS, Endo-Flex GmbH, Endo-Technik GmbH, Medi-Globe GmbH, Urotech GmbH, and Urovision GmbH.

The new distribution agreement replaces a previous agreement with Roeser Medical GmbH (Roeser), which was signed in December 2016. Roeser was acquired by Sana Kliniken in 2017, which led to a subsequent termination of the distribution agreement.

For further information, please contact:
Cecilia Edström, CFO
Cell phone: 46 722 262 328

About Bactiguard

Bactiguard is a Swedish medical device company with a mission to save lives. To achieve this mission, we develop and supply infection prevention solutions which reduce the risk of healthcare associated infections and the use of antibiotics. This way, we save significant costs for healthcare and the society at large.

The Bactiguard technology prevents bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation on medical devices. Bactiguard offers the technology through license agreements and our BIP (Bactiguard Infection Protection) portfolio of products. Through our license partner CR Bard, urinary catheters with Bactiguard’s coating are market leading in the USA and Japan. Bactiguard’s own product portfolio of urinary catheters, endotracheal tubes and central venous catheters prevent some of the most common infections, which appear in the urinary tract, the blood stream and the respiratory tract.

Bactiguard is in a strong expansion phase in the European markets, China, India and the Middle East as well by establishing license agreements in new therapeutic areas. The company has about 60 employees around the world. Its headquarters and one of two production facilities are located in Stockholm, the other one in Malaysia. Bactiguard is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

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About Asid Bonz GmbH

Asid Bonz GmbH was founded in 1811 and remained in the ownership of the family Bonz, chemists in a town in the south of Germany called Böblingen, until 1931. Within a short time, the enterprise grew to become one of the leading manufacturers of inorganic chemicals, such as hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. In 1847 Ernst Gottlieb Bonz developed the purest form of chloroform and in 1849, at the suggestion of Professor Bruns of the University of Tübingen; Richard Bonz was the first in the world to produce, high quality, long-life anaesthetic ether – a revolutionary improvement in analgesic medicine.

In the following years Asid Bonz developed step-by-step to become one of the leading suppliers of medical consumables with the focus on surgery, anaesthesia, urology, and ward supplies.

Today, Asid Bonz is a reliable supplier to German public, non-profit, private, and university hospitals, as well as to various specialized care providers in the ambulatory and stationary sector.

In a recent supplier evaluation by a German leading group purchasing organization, Asid Bonz has been ranked overall no. 2 among 50 fellow medical devices suppliers. With this binding 200-year-old tradition always in mind, we will in the future strive to make our – even if limited – contribution to the speedy convalescence of the infirm through high-quality products in conjunction with an excellent service. Asid Bonz is certified under ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and Annex V of the Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC).

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About Us

Bactiguard is a Swedish medtech company with a global presence, offering a solution that prevents healthcare associated infections caused by medical devices. By preventing infections, we contribute to a reduced use of antibiotics and the spread of multi-resistant bacteria, which is a growing problem worldwide. We save lives, increase patient safety and significantly reduce the cost for the healthcare and society. Our technology is well-proven, safe and tissue friendly and consist of a thin layer of noble metals that prevents bacterial growth. The coating can be applied on almost all medical devices. Bactiguard-coated urinary catheters are market leading in the US and Japan and the company has also its own product portfolio consisting of foley catheters, central venous catheters and endotrachealtubes. Bactiguard is a growth company, focused on markets in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Latin America. The company has about 70 employees worldwide, mainly at the headquarters in Stockholm and the production facility in Malaysia and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. Read more about Bactiguard at


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