Bactiguard introduces wound care in Spain

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Bactiguard expands its business in the wound care market by partnering with the Spanish company Farmaban S.A. The partnership enables Bactiguard to reach the Spanish market with its full range of products.

“We have found a very good match in Farmaban – a partner with significant competence in wound care management and ambition to grow by providing value. By combining Bactiguard’s wound care portfolio with a wide range of bandages, dressings, and post-operative products, Farmaban will be offering a complete wound management solution. With Farmaban we are well positioned in wound care, which will strengthen the Bactiguard brand in Spain”, says Peter Rådqvist, Global Head of Sales.

“Our commitment is to offer the best solutions for patient healing, and ease of application ensuring efficiency and safety. By combining our local expertise with Bactiguard’s wound care portfolio, I am convinced that we have a winning concept”, says Mr. Antonio Coll Balart, CEO Farmaban S.A.

Farmaban is a privately-owned company, founded in 1992, located in Sant Fruitós de Bages (Barcelona). The company started by producing adhesive elastic bandages and has progressively expanded into manufacturing a wide range of products in wound care management.

Last year Bactiguard entered a partnership with Libera Medica for distribution in Spain of Bactiguard’s infection prevention portfolio, with coated products for urinary tract, blood stream and respiratory tract. By distributing Bactiguard’s wound care portfolio, Farmaban will enable Bactiguard to reach the Spanish market with its full range of products for infection prevention and wound care.

About Bactiguard’s wound care portfolio

Bactiguard wound care is a biocompatible, pH-neutral and water-based product line that supports the natural wound healing and cleans the wound by reducing the microbial load. The products can be used for both acute and chronical wounds.

Bactiguard wound care contains hypochlorous acid, the same substance as the body's immune cells use in their defence against infectious organisms. The products neither smell strongly or sting, but effectively kills most viruses, bacteria and fungi that cause infections, including the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.* The solution has no negative effect on human cells, that means it is not irritating to the body.

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For further information, please contact:
Petra Kaur, Chief Marketing and Communication Officer, mobile +46 79 304 96 36

*In collaboration with the Swedish National Veterinary Institute (SVA), tests have been conducted with Hydrocyn on a viral culture of the new corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) that causes COVID-19. The result shows that 99.9% of the virus particles were inactivated – which means, they were no longer functional and thus not contagious.


About Bactiguard
Bactiguard is a Swedish medical device company with a mission to save lives. To achieve this mission, we develop and supply infection prevention solutions which reduce the risk of infections and the use of antibiotics. This way, we save significant costs for healthcare and the society at large.

The Bactiguard technology is based on a thin noble metal alloy coating that prevents bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation on medical devices. Bactiguard offers the technology through licence agreements and our BIP (Bactiguard Infection Protection) portfolio of products. Urinary catheters with Bactiguard's coating are market leaders in the USA and Japan through our licensing partner BD.

Bactiguard's product portfolio also includes a non-alcoholic product line for wound care and disinfection. It effectively kills viruses, bacteria and fungi while being biocompatible, pH neutral and tissue friendly. The active ingredient hypochlorous acid is the same substance as the body's immune cells use in their defence against infectious organisms.

Bactiguard is in a strong expansion phase in the markets in Europe, China, India and the Middle East through our own product portfolio and by establishing licensing deals in new therapy areas.

Bactiguard has about 180 employees around the world. Its headquarters and one of three production facilities are located in Stockholm, the other two in Malaysia. Bactiguard is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.
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