Bactiguard launches Hydrocyn aqua in Greece

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Bactiguard continues the launch of the Hydrocyn® aqua (Hydrocyn) product range in Europe by entering a new partnership with Lifecyn S.A. (Lifecyn) in Greece. The collaboration is based on an exclusive distribution agreement for Bactiguard’s Hydrocyn® aqua range, including products for advanced disinfection and wound care.

“Launching the Hydrocyn product range in Greece is an important milestone. This is the first European launch since we introduced Hydrocyn in the Swedish market last year. Lifecyn has a proven track record and solid experience in marketing premium healthcare products to the retail segment. This is one of the reasons we chose Greece as the first market for our European expansion and I am convinced there will be more to follow”, says Cecilia Edström, CEO.

Hydrocyn® aqua was included in Bactiguard’s portfolio of products for infection prevention following the acquisition of Vigilenz in early 2020. Hydrocyn was launched in Sweden in March 2020 and the market expansion now continues in Europe, the Middle East, India and Southeast Asia.

Hydrocyn is a non-alcoholic and pH-neutral product line that contains hypochlorous acid, the same substance as the body's immune cells use in their defense against infectious microbes. Hydrocyn effectively kills most viruses, bacteria and fungi that cause infections and, at the same time, does not cause any irritation to the skin or body.

Lifecyn is a privately owned enterprise, geared by the aspiration to provide people with innovative, science-based antiseptic and wound care solutions. The company has a long extensive experience in the Greek and other European markets with a distribution capacity covering the whole country. Lifecyn focuses on highly sophisticated, quality consumer healthcare lines that promote people’s safety, healing and personal wellbeing.

For further information, please contact:
Gabriella Caracciolo, CFO and deputy CEO, mobile +46 72 141 62 49


About Bactiguard
Bactiguard is a Swedish medical device company with a mission to save lives. To achieve this mission, we develop and supply infection prevention solutions which reduce the risk of infections and the use of antibiotics. This way, we save significant costs for healthcare and the society at large.

The Bactiguard technology is based on a thin noble metal alloy coating that prevents bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation on medical devices. Bactiguard offers the technology through licence agreements and our BIP (Bactiguard Infection Protection) portfolio of products. Through our licence partner BD, urinary catheters with Bactiguard’s coating are market leading in the USA and Japan.

Bactiguard's product portfolio also includes Hydrocyn® aqua, a non-alcoholic and pH-neutral product line that contains hypochlorous acid, the same substance as the body's immune cells use in their defense against infectious organisms. Hydrocyn effectively kills viruses, bacteria and fungi without causing irritation to the skin or body.

Bactiguard is in a strong expansion phase in the European markets, China, India and the Middle East as well by establishing license agreements in new therapeutic areas.

Bactiguard has about 180 employees around the world. Its headquarters and one of three production facilities are located in Stockholm, the other two in Malaysia.

Bactiguard is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

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