Bambuser signs contract with Intinor

Bambuser AB (publ) ("Bambuser" or "The Company") has signed a two-year contract with the Swedish video solution provider, Intinor.

Bambuser has signed an agreement with the Swedish technology company, Intinor, for a minimum of two years. This is a sales partnership agreement between the two parties, whereby Intinor will become a reseller of the Iris technology. The total value of the agreement over the two year period has a minimum value of 357 000 SEK. Bambuser’s commission has the potential to increase based on the success of Intinor as a reseller of the Iris technology. The contract will be made effective from October 2017.

Intinor is a Swedish hardware company, providing high-quality video solutions for contribution purposes, as well as for distribution and web TV. Intinor has customers ranging from small productions to major television channels. This deal will bring Intinor closer to fulfilling their intention of developing an own-branded live streaming app, based on Bambuser’s Iris Dev technology.

The Iris Platform enables such technology companies to easily and cost-efficiently integrate live video capabilities into existing apps or online platforms using Iris Dev’s advanced developer tools.

“Bambuser’s Iris platform is very competent, stable and user-friendly. Therefore it complements our product suite perfectly. To be able to offer backpacks and apps for live TV broadcasting will open new opportunities to Intinor, and make the company much more competitive.” says Roland Axelsson, CEO of Intinor.

"We are very happy to sign with Intinor today. We know that our Iris Dev offering for technology providers and mobile platform alike, is extremely strong, and Intinor is the perfect candidate for our Iris Dev solution. We’re very happy to extend our distribution network and have the opportunity to expand our sales reach. Also with this sales partnership agreement, it’s assuring to know that not only are we guaranteed a set amount of revenue per year, but we will also grow as Intinor grows., says Hans Eriksson, CEO of Bambuser.

This information is information that Bambuser AB (publ) is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was sent for publication, through the agency of the contact persons set out below, on October 5 2017, 15:55 CET.

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Bambuser is a Swedish software company that offers B2B solutions for live video. Since 2007, the Company has developed a platform for interactive live video broadcasts enabling live video streaming from mobile phones and webcams to the internet. The breakthrough occurred in 2010 when the Company's service was used to report the unrest in Egypt during the parliamentary elections. The following year, videos were produced via Bambuser and used in several television broadcasts throughout the world during the Arab Spring. Today, Bambuser’s service is installed in more than 50 million phones and has over the years reached 100s of millions of news consumers through companies like CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, SkyNews, etc. Since 2014, Bambuser has chosen to focus on B2B, Business-to-Business, to increase the spread of the company's products and strengthen its long-term revenue potential. Among the customers are companies as Associated Press, Aftonbladet, NRK and Deutsche Welle.