We’ve been in the UGC business for a long time and we understand its importance. We believe that the most strategic way forward for Bambuser is to offer our SDKs to businesses who desire a mobile live video solution. By enabling audiences to submit live video content, enterprises will not only create engagement with their viewers and users, but they’ll also be leveraging their audiences as contributors of exclusive content.
Hans Eriksson, Bambuser CEO
We are very happy to sign with such a renowned brand as Sky News Arabia.
Hans Eriksson, CEO of Bambuser
We are very happy to sign with Intinor today. We know that our Iris Dev offering for technology providers and mobile platform alike, is extremely strong, and Intinor is the perfect candidate for our Iris Dev solution.
Hans Eriksson, CEO of Bambuser
We are very happy to sign with BNG and it proves that our offering for the media vertical is strong.
Hans Eriksson, CEO of Bambuser
The first six months of the year have been exciting for Bambuser with our IPO in May as a major highlight. Although our revenue increase is minor compared to the same period in 2016, we have continued to build momentum in many areas.
Hans Eriksson, CFO of Bambuser
We are very excited about the agreement with Vinculums as this is our first contract on the US field service market, which represents a great potential for Bambuser. With its complete feature set, Iris Flow will be a turnkey mobile live video solution for Vinculums and requires no additional software to fulfill their needs in this area.
Hans Eriksson, CEO of Bambuser
We are very proud that Schibsted has chosen Iris as a tool within their publishing platform. Since the beginning of the year, we have increased the sales organization from one to four full-time people, and we can see that the investment is starting to pay off. Schibsted has realized that video is the future and with the Iris Platform, they can significantly increase both their video inventory and the commitment of their readers, thus securing their advertising business.
Hans Eriksson, CEO of Bambuser.
Det här är inledningen på en oerhört spännande resa. Genom listningen på Nasdaq First North ökar intresset för bolaget, både från kunder, leverantörer och från investerare. Det kommer också att underlätta för Bambuser att attrahera ny kompetens i samband med vår satsning.
Hans Eriksson, VD Bambuser
Vi är väldigt glada och stolta över att välkomna ett stort antal nya ägare till bolaget. Det kapital som tillförs gör att bolaget är välkapitaliserat och kan därmed göra de viktiga marknadssatsningar som krävs för att tillvarata den kraftiga tillväxten inom mobil livevideo. Med våra produkter, vår samlade erfarenhet och proof of concept hos ett flertal globala aktörer är det min och ledningens fasta övertygelse att vi ska tillvarata den potential som finns i segmenten Media, Field Services och Applikationsutvecklare.
Hans Eriksson, VD Bambuser
Mobil livevideo händer nu - i dubbel bemärkelse! Mobil live-video ökar lavinartat och drivs på i enorm takt av sociala medieplattformar. Det ger oss ett kvitto på att vi är rätt posi-tionerade med våra produkter.
Hans Eriksson, VD Bambuser
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