Ventura, CA., June 3, 2010 - Carrie Triffet, author of the book Long Time No See – Diaries of an Unlikely Messenger, has won the 2010 Independent Publisher Book Award for Humor, recognizing excellence in Independent Publishing.

Though this enchanting memoir gives the reader many hilarious and often touching laughs, it is far from “a humor book,” but rather a journey of personal transformation with thought-provoking lessons shared from a spiritual Guide.

From the time she was born (nearly killing her mother in the process), Carrie Triffet knew she could never be the Orthodox Jew her family wanted her to be. She knew from an early age that she was different, with a frightening ability to see the paranormal. For many painful years she tried to suppress these unwanted spiritual “gifts,” losing herself instead in drugs, fashion and the music scene.

In 1986, this snarky and profoundly irreligious 27-year-old was touched by an experience that changed her life. She and her best friend Johnny cared only about hitting the dance clubs, decked out in their finest hipster couture — until one day Johnny suddenly announced he had become a Buddhist. Just like that.

Carrie didn’t like it one bit. Johnny’s Buddhist altar was kept closed and a forbidden topic until one afternoon, she finally asked to see inside. As he opened the altar doors, Carrie was astonished to hear a crystal clear Voice speak to her. It said Long time no see.  

Although she would spend the next 20 years as a Buddhist, Buddhism was not to be the final path for Carrie. Spiritual “guidance” took her to Sedona, Arizona in 2005 where she met Fran, a gifted spiritual intuitive.  Together their desert adventures would play a key role in Carrie’s powerful spiritual awakening.

Described as “a rip-snorting spiritual adventure,” Long Time No See chronicles the author’s single-minded search for enlightenment. “My book was entered in the Independent Publisher awards categories of “Spirituality” and “Memoir,” Carrie says. “I think it’s wonderfully strange that it won for humor instead.”

“It all seems crazy, I know,” she says. “But I’m just a normal person who’s had some very abnormal experiences. And I’ve been given lots of inspiring spiritual messages to pass along. But because I’m not a ‘holier-than-thou’ expert, I wanted to write this very serious book in a casual way. I wanted it to be real, and I wanted it to be funny. I guess I succeeded in that!”

The Independent Publisher Book Awards is an annual competition designed to highlight the accomplishments of small publishers and authors whose work might otherwise be overlooked by the publishing industry. Now in its 14th year, The IP (or ‘IPPY’) Awards welcomed approximately 4,000 books into this year’s competition, with entries from all over the US as well as 6 foreign countries. http://www.independentpublisher.com/

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