Extraordinary General Meeting in BE Group

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The shareholders of BE Group AB (publ) are hereby invited to attend the Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM”) to be held on Wednesday 18 September 2019 at 1.00 p.m. CET, at BE Group’s head office, Krangatan 4B in Malmö.

Right to attend
Shareholders who wish to attend the EGM must:

(i)  be recorded in the share register kept by Euroclear Sweden AB on Thursday 12 September 2019 and

(ii) notify the company of their intention to attend the meeting no later than on Thursday 12 September 2019, preferably before 12.00 noon.

In order to participate in the meeting, shareholders with nominee-registered shares should request their bank or broker to have the shares temporarily owner-registered with Euroclear Sweden AB. Such registration must be effected by Thursday 12 September 2019. Shareholders must, well in advance of this date, instruct their nominees to carry out such registration.

Notice of attendance
Notice of attendance shall be made by telephone +46 40 38 42 00 or by email to egm@begroup.com. The notice of attendance shall state name, personal identity number/corporate identity number, address, telephone number and number of advisors. Shareholders represented by proxy must issue a power of attorney for the proxy. A proxy form is available at the company and on the company website. Representative of a legal entity shall submit a copy of the certificate of registration or similar papers of authorisation indicating persons authorised to sign on behalf of the legal entity. In order to facilitate the entrance to the meeting, the original power of attorney and documents of authorisation should be provided to the company at the address BE Group AB, Attn: Jessica Lydevik, Box 225, SE 201 22 Malmö, Sweden, on Thursday 12 September 2019 at the latest.

Proposal for agenda

1. Opening of the meeting
2. Election of chairman of the meeting
3. Preparation and approval of the voting list
4. Approval of the agenda
5. Election of one or two person/s to approve the minutes
6. Determination of whether the meeting has been duly convened
7. Election of Chairman of the Board
8. Establishment of fees to the Board members
9. Closing of the meeting

Proposal for election of chairman of the meeting (item 2)
It has been proposed that Petter Stillström is to be elected chairman of the meeting.

Proposals for election of Chairman of the Board and for fees to the Board members (items 7 and 8)
It has been proposed, and aligned with the Nomination Committee, to elect Board member Jörgen Zahlin as new Chairman of the Board. Jörgen Zahlin, born 1964, is CEO of OEM International and has been a member of the BE Group Board of Directors since 2013.

In addition, it has been proposed that the Board and Committee fees that were resolved by the AGM on 25 April 2019, shall continue to apply and, as applicable, shall be allocated pro rata in relation to the date of the respective shareholders’ meetings’ election of Chairman of the Board.

Information at the EGM
The Board and the CEO shall at the EGM, if any shareholder so requests and the Board believes that it can be done without significant harm to the company, provide information regarding circumstances that may affect the assessment of items on the agenda.

Number of shares and votes in the company
At the time of this notice, the total number of shares and votes in the company amounts to 13,010,124. The company’s holding of own shares amounts to 26,920 and such shares do not entitle to any voting right as long as the company is the holder of the shares.

Processing of personal data
For information about the processing of your personal data, see https://www.euroclear.com/dam/ESw/Legal/Privacy-notice-bolagsstammor-engelska.pdf.

Malmö in August 2019
BE Group AB (publ)
The Board of Directors

For further information, please contact:
Anders Martinsson, President and CEO
tel.: +46 (0)706-21 02 22 , e-mail: anders.martinsson@begroup.com

Daniel Fäldt, CFO
tel.: +46 (0)705-60 31 75, e-mail: daniel.faldt@begroup.com

The information was submitted for publication at 9.00 am CET on 26 August, 2019.

BE Group, listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, is a trading and service company in steel, stainless steel and aluminium. BE Group offers efficient distribution and value-adding production services to customers primarily in the construction and engineering sectors. In 2018, the Group reported sales of SEK 4.8 billion. BE Group has about 670 employees, with Sweden and Finland as its largest markets. The head office is located in Malmö, Sweden. Read more about BE Group at www.begroup.com.



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