Thistle Soaps – Seriously Scented Soap Survey 2013

Thistle Soaps have commissioned their first ever Soap Scent Survey for 2013, to find out which scents are the nation’s favourites and which qualities in a scented soap matter most. With overall growth last year in the scented soaps market at a record level, and Thistle Soaps becoming a new acquisition for fast growing Best Kept Secrets who are already one of the market leaders with scented candles, the business embarked on a significant piece of research to find what people love about scented soaps.

The research was conducted independently via a series of online surveys and focus group activities, with 403 respondents to the overall research project, making this one of the largest ever soap surveys conducted. The headline findings of the research were as follows:

  • Rosey      Geranium with Ylang Ylang is the most popular scent for a soap (9% rated      this in their top 3 soap fragrances) closely followed by Nettle and Mint      and Orange and Patchouli
  • The      Countryside range of Seriously Scented Soaps from Thistle Soaps offer the      best overall scent (13% rated this as their top range of scented soaps)
  • Soap      texture was rated as the most important feature in a scented soap, with      scent and colour rated as equally important attributes
  • The      quality of soap is being assessed through a rage of senses, with touch and      smell being rated equally in discerning overall value and quality of a      product. A preference for matt finishes over gloss finishes was voted by      an overwhelming 81% of those participating in the survey
  • Scented      soaps in a block are seen as gift item, whereas liquid soaps are seen as a      daily convenience according to the survey. In terms of preference for      fragranced cleansing products, soap was rated as the best product to      receive as a gift.
  • Purchases      from stores as opposed to online was another overwhelming statistic from      the survey, with 92% of respondents stating they only ever bought soap      from a shop, and with regard to gifts, soap was considered a desirable      purchase. Therefore, despite strong growth in online sales, customers      still like to touch and feel a product when making a purchase.

Alan Edwards from Thistle Soaps commented on the survey: ‘We acquired Thistle Soaps earlier in 2013 and the response at recent trade shows has been excellent. Having already run a scented candle survey, we wanted to repeat the exercise and get an independent view on the product range, and this type of survey generates so much more of an insight. The market for scented soaps and high quality soap bars have grown significantly throughout the last 5 years, despite the economic climate. The product is great value and offers a little luxury, which makes it an affordable but special gift purchase. As we already have a real understanding of the candles market, this survey provides a real customer perspective on soaps and will help us devise new product ranges in the coming years. We will be able to run this survey annually and use the results to assess the trends in the market. This is great for Thistle Soaps, but also excellent research for our large independent retail customer base.’

Mark Carton

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Best Kept Secrets offer superb handmade scented candles, candle tins and soaps for every occasion. There is a choice of more than fifty fragrances, all skilfully blended to delight your senses.       


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Best Kept Secrets offer superb handmade scented candles and candle tins for every occasion. There is a choice of more than fifty fragrances, all skilfully blended to delight your senses. New to the range are Rattan Reed Diffusers and Classic Glass Candles using eight of our top selling fragrances.



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