Acquisitions of own shares in Betsson AB and resolution on continuous acquisitions of own shares by way of an automated repurchase program

The board of directors of Betsson AB has, based on the authorisation from the annual general meeting held on 7 May 2019, resolved on acquisitions of own shares on Nasdaq Stockholm. The purpose of the acquisitions is to improve the capital structure of the company by reducing the capital.

On 20 March 2020, Betsson AB disclosed acquisitions of a maximum of 2 million shares for a maximum value of SEK 60 million. As a result hereof, 1 033 148 shares have been acquired for a total price of SEK 33 959 260. The repurchase program is now intended to continue by way of a so-called automated repurchase program within the same aggregate limits.

Automated repurchase program

The repurchase program will be implemented in accordance with the EU Market Abuse Regulation No 596/2014 (”MAR”) and Commission Delegated Regulation No 2016/1052 (“Safe Harbour Regulation”). The repurchase program will be managed by an investment firm or a credit institute which makes its trading decisions concerning the timing of acquisitions of shares independently of Betsson.

Acquisitions of own shares shall be subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Acquisitions may be made on one or several occasions up until the annual general meeting which is planned to be held on 28 April 2020.
  • The maximum amount for which shares may be acquired may not exceed SEK 26 040 740.
  • The maximum number of shares which may be acquired may not exceed 966 852 million shares.
  • Acquisitions shall be made at a price within the registered price interval of the share on Nasdaq Stockholm at any given time.
  • Acquired shares shall be paid in cash.


Conducted acquisitions

During the period 20 March 2020—23 March 2020, shares in Betsson AB have been acquired as set out below.


Date Aggregated daily volume (number of shares) Weighted average price per day (SEK) Daily transaction value (SEK)
2020-03-20 638 148 32.4975 20 738 215
2020-03-23 395 000 33.4710 13 221 045


All acquisitions have been carried out on Nasdaq Stockholm by Carnegie Investment Bank AB (publ) on behalf of Betsson. A full breakdown of the transactions conducted according to article 5.3 of MAR and article 2.3 of the Safe Harbour Regulation is attached to this press release. Since 20 March 2020 up to and including 23 March 2020, a total of 1 033 148 shares have been acquired within the scope of the program. For information about all transactions carried out under the repurchase program, please refer to Nasdaq Stockholm’s website,

In accordance with the authorisation from the annual general meeting held on 7 May 2019, the company’s holding of own shares shall not at any given time exceed 10 per cent of the total number of shares in the company. After the acquisitions referred to above, the company holds 7 111 740 own shares as of today. The total number of shares in the company amounts to 144,493,238, which means that a maximum amount of 7 337 584 shares may be acquired based on the authorisation.

About Betsson AB

Betsson AB (publ) is a holding company that invests in and manages fast-growing companies within online gaming. The company is one of the largest in online gaming in Europe and has the ambition to outgrow the market, organically and through acquisitions. This should be done in a profitable and sustainable manner, primarily in locally regulated markets. Betsson AB is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Large Cap (BETS).

For further information, please contact:
Pontus Lindwall, CEO and President Betsson AB
+46 (0)8 506 403 00

Martin Öhman, CFO Betsson AB
+46 (0)8 506 403 00

This information is information that Betsson AB is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact persons set out above, on March 23, 2020 at 20:30 CET.


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