Finns choose a domestic nicotine-free product as their preferred smoking intervention method

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Biohit Oyj and Sanoma Media invited 40 volunteers  to try and quit smoking by using Acetium® lozenge and asked for feedback on their experience of using this alternative method. They received encouraging and positive comments from the users and with the help of Acetium, 93% of the test group reduced smoking significantly or quit smoking completely during the two months of testing.

Based on the test group, most people trying to quit smoking are concerned about their health and want to put an end to unnecessary spending. 89% of the test group felt that Acetium® lozenge being nicotine-free was rather, or, very important. In addition, 96% of the test group felt that the product being domestic in origin was important. Yet the market is dominated by foreign products that contain nicotine. When quitting smoking, consumers have been steered towards using nicotine or other tobacco products, such as snus.

People most often buy their intervention product from a grocery store where guidance about its use or advice about the pros/cons is not available. There is more guidance available when buying the product in a pharmacy. Switching to a nicotine replacement product is therefore a familiar and learned habit that leads most people to long-term nicotine dependence.

Examples from the test group’s experiences:

“Cutting down happened after just a couple of days use because cigarettes started to taste bad.” Ilkka, 35 years.

“Easy to use. I’m going to get my spouse to use it, too.” Mirva, 38 years.

“New and different, and no need to use nicotine if that’s the problem.” Sam, 43 years.

“An awesome product, doesn’t irritate the stomach and tastes pleasant. Definitely the healthiest alternative among smoking intervention products.” Marko, 25 years.

“Doesn’t contain nicotine, the blister-pack is easy to slide into a pocket, and the package doesn’t take up a lot of space in the bag and seems to work.” Milla, 32 years.

“I realized rather quickly that tobacco had lost its taste completely. I didn’t believe the slogan at first, that one day you’ll notice you have forgotten smoking. The slogan was right all along. I’d never have believed it. I’m slowly bidding farewell to tobacco, and Acetium has really helped. My colleagues have shown interest in this product, so I’m definitely going to recommend it to others!” Susanna, 42 years.

“My craving for cigarettes during the workday disappeared, so I wouldn’t go outside like I did before. It was harder to give up the moments of stress-relief. However, I seemed to lose the actual craving and need for nicotine.” Niina, 36 years.

Nearly 80 % of the test group felt that Acetium® lozenge, a product of Finland, tastes good and 85 % felt it is easy to use.

Source: Sanoma Media Finland test group January to March 2019. N=29

Acetium® lozenge was launched for retail in September 2018 and is now widely available across the country. The product is on sale in pharmacies, Kesko markets, Lidl, R-kiosks, natural food stores with extensive selections, and in Tokmanni, Kärkkäinen, Minimani and Halpahalli chains. In January 2019, the S Group, specifically the Prisma markets, put it on their shelves.

Acetium is easy and safe to use. The product has not been categorized a pharmaceutical, and it is sold over the counter. Using it regularly while smoking for 3 to 6 months will provide the best result. With some people, good results can be achieved in just a few weeks.

Studies prove that Acetium works

The effect of Acetium® lozenge on quitting smoking has been researched in two clinical studies 1, 2. Its regular use in connection with smoking increased the probability of quitting by 1.5 compared to placebo 2. The effectiveness compares to nicotine replacement products.

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