Promising results with Acetium lozenge in the elimination of carcinogenic acetaldehyde in saliva

Biohit Oyj Press Release September 15, 2015 at 9:30 a.m. local time (EEST)

A new study that assesses the effect of Acetium lozenges on salivary acetaldehyde concentrations after sipping of alcoholic beverages containing high levels of acetaldehyde, was introduced in the Congress of the European Society for Biomedical Research on Alcoholism (ESBRA).

Acetaldehyde that is related to alcohol consuming is a Group 1 human carcinogen. Some alcoholic beverages have it plenty. In addition, acetaldehyde is always formed when bacteria and yeast in the mouth come into contact with ethanol in alcoholic beverages. One daily drink (10 g of ethanol), significantly increases the risk for oral cancer. It has previously been shown that lozenge that contains L-cysteine, effectively eliminates acetaldehyde from saliva during smoking.

In the study subjects took one lozenge 5 min before and another immediately after alcohol sipping. The results show that acetaldehyde exposure in the oral cavity was decreased by 87.5 % after the subject sipped grappa that contains high levels of acetaldehyde. Thus Acetium lozenges effectively eliminate alcohol derived carcinogenic acetaldehyde from saliva by converting it to a harmless compound.


Acetium lozenge effectively eliminates carcinogenic acetaldehyde from saliva

Heidi Sundelin1, Panu Hendolin2, Lea Paloheimo2, Pertti Kaihovaara2, Leif Kronberg1 and Mikko Salaspuro3

1Laboratory of Organic Chemistry, Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland, 2Biohit Oyj, Helsinki, Finland, 3Research Unit and Acetaldehyde and Cancer, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland


CEO Semi Korpela, Biohit Oyj: ‘Acetium lozenges can be used to bind acetaldehyde into harmless compound in saliva in the mouth, which forms as a result of smoking and alcohol consumption. The recent study results confirm that Acetium lozenges are an effective way to promote oral health. (see Additional information).’


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