“the smell of the sweet toffee melting on the furnace is delicious and my favourite part of making sweets is rolling the toffee through the ‘drop machine’ which is like a small mangle, with brass rollers that shape the sweets into ovals, rectangles or even fish shapes.”
Pam Perry, sweet making demonstrator
“The delicious scent of freshly boiled sweets is once again drifting through the village. Visit the Museum during Half Term for a fun filled day of traditional sweet making, before of course, trying one or two of the finished product!”
Head of Learning, Mel Weatherley
“The Museum is delighted to be working with Dudley College. Red By Night is designed to celebrate the Black Country as the cradle of the Industrial Revolution therefore to be working directly with the local community makes the evening even more poignant.”
Laura Wakelin, Director of Communications & Marketing
“I’m thrilled that the college’s partnership with the Black Country Living Museum is providing such a unique experience for our performing arts students. It’s exciting to see that Black Country history and heritage can inspire young people to be creative and I’m looking forward to seeing the performances, music and art that’s developed by our students, in conjunction with the museum, for the national event.
Lowell Williams, Principal of Dudley College
“We are really excited to be involved with Red by Night and have spent lots of time researching the history behind our performances. It’s good experience for us to be able to transfer our skills to a real organisation and work in a professional setting. “I am from Sedgeley and proud of my Black Country roots. This project has allowed me to get a better understanding of my local heritage and the responsibilities of my family during the 1900s.”
Jack Fern, Level 2 Performing Arts Student