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New Black Eye Pro Kit G4 - A One-Kit Solution for Pro-Level Mobile Photography and Filmmaking

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Photographers, videographers, adventurers and storytellers can capture amazing angles quickly and easily and expand their visual stories with this lightweight compact smartphone lens kit

HELSINKI, FINLAND - March 21, 2019 -- Close ups of the 1000 lb. brown bear with claws thick, sharp, and strong. Capturing the breadth of the massive fjords of Norway jetting from the earth. These are the unique and challenging shots pro photographer Damon Beckford captures with.

Black Eye ’s new Pro Kit G4, using its three-new high-quality Pro phone lenses and just his smartphone camera to achieve professional-level photography while traveling on adventures. Black Eye ’s Pro Kit G4 is a one-kit solution for pro-level mobile photography and film making. It features three new Pro lenses - the Pro Portrait Tele G4, Pro Fisheye G4, and Pro Cinema Wide G 4. The durable, compact travel case makes it easy and convenient to travel with the lens set. A $300 value for $250. That's about a tenth of the cost and weight of DSLR camera backpack with all of its accessories.

Travelling the world from extreme snowy remote locations to exotic cities, Damon keeps his bags light with Black Eye’s pocket-sized lenses when it’s restrictive to carry heavier DSLR camera gear.

“Photographing the majestic fjords of Norway without a wide-angle lens just wouldn't portray the breathtaking scenery in the same way as you'll see it with your own eyes,” said Damon. “These pocketable pro lenses travel easily and allow me to capture amazing angles quickly and easily wherever I go.”

Adventurers, storytellers, photographers and videographers like Damon can bring in new angles and expand their visual stories with these easy-to-use compact lenses that quickly clip onto most smartphones.

The Pro Cinema Wide G4 lens offers what most wide-angle lenses for mobile phones do not: straight leading lines and life-like distortion-free images - with a generous 120-degree angle of view. This lens truly immerses the viewer into the pictures. Ideal for capturing travel highlights, selfies and video blogs and vast landscapes and urban cityscapes by fitting more in the frame.

With the Pro Portrait Tele G4, take stunning portraits and get 2.5x optically closer to subjects when it’s not physically possible, from a top of a cliff or across the street with the 40-degree angle of view. Make subjects pop out from the image with a shallower depth of field. Capture images that look more life-like and show the world as your eyes see it.

“The Pro Tele G4 feels like shooting with a 50mm lens on a full-frame DSLR camera,” said pro photographer Damon Beckford. “The lens is great for getting more depth of field in portraits, getting tighter framed landscape shots and even for some close wildlife photography.”

The Pro Fisheye G4, a high-quality 175-degree fisheye lens, is perfect for shooting action sports, architecture, road trips, parties – anything where you need to fit more in the picture. Get demanding close-up action sports and POV photos and video. Cover epic landscapes without having to resort to panorama apps and stitching. Get a wider view to selfies by just clipping the lens over the front camera. Truly show what you are seeing when capturing the moment.

These high-quality Pro G4 lenses have the industry’s best optics offering better image quality, less vignetting and better flare protection, at competitive price points.

The Universal clipper attachment system, compatible with most mobile devices, sets Black Eye apart from other products on the market. Universal compatibility means the lenses are quick and easy to use, can be shared between family and friends and work with different generations of smartphone devices.

Black Eye lens features also include:

● Double-coated, hand-polished glass that produces natural colors and prevents unwanted reflections

● Anti-reflection coating on all glass elements to prevent unwanted reflection and enhance the colors

● Nano ground optics for excellent image quality and corner clarity

● Hand assembled, and 100-percent quality checked

● Works with dual lens devices

● Use with front and rear camera

● Optimized for mobile phones released 2018 and later

Purchase the new Black Eye Pro Kit G4 of high-quality smartphone lenses here at http://www.blackeyelens.com or at Amazon and follow @blackeyelens on Instagram to track their ongoing adventures.

About Black Eye:
Black Eye was started by professional snowboarder Eero Ettala (X Games Gold medalist) and pro photographer Arto Ekman to enhance their mobile content to the level of what the professional photographers and filmmakers achieve with expensive DSLR cameras. Today, Black Eye brings the best accessories for more creative and unique mobile photography. Black Eye product line has a wide range of photo and videography attachments and supporting accessories to provide the best user experience. Now smartphones can become the only camera you need.

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