BoMill initiates field testing of updated sorting technology

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BoMill AB (”BoMill” or the “Company”) announces that the Company has signed an agreement with Lilla Harrie Valskvarn AB (“Lilla Harrie”) to test the Company’s updated sorting technology, which is based on the TriQ model. As previously communicated, BoMill is developing the next generation of the TriQ model, a process that is now entering its final phase. The development agreement with Lilla Harrie will enable BoMill to evaluate the updated model in a suitable environment, with access to logistics, relevant infrastructure and grains. BoMill will cover the costs involved and will not receive any revenue from the field test.

Lilla Harrie is Sweden’s oldest mill, in operation since 1509. Lilla Harrie is part of the Pågen Group, the market leading bakery in Sweden. The production at Lilla Harrie accounts for 25% of the Swedish consumption of bakery flour.

BoMill and Lilla Harrie have entered into an agreement which makes it possible for BoMill to install and test its latest sorting technology at Lilla Harrie’s facility in Eslöv. The field test is part of the final stage in the development of the next generation premium version of the Company’s TriQ model. The purpose of the agreement with Lilla Harrie is to run extensive tests on the new TriQ model in a suitable environment, providing the Company with direct access to grains and relevant infrastructure. The testing period will run from February 2021 until all necessary tests have been conducted.

TriQ in short

TriQ is BoMill's proprietary, high precision, grain quality sorting technology with a capacity fully compatible with the needs of industrial grain handling. The performance of TriQ is based on so-called near-infrared analysis in transmittance mode (NIR/T), which makes it possible to sort a batch of grains into fractions based on each kernel’s internal properties, for example protein content, with a capacity of 3 tons per hour (corresponding to 25,000 kernels per second). The equipment can also be installed as a cluster solution, i.e. as several interconnected devices.

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BoMill has developed and is marketing a patented technology for sorting grain on a commercial scale, based on the internal qualities of each kernel. The method is the only one of its kind on the market today and is estimated to have the potential to become a Golden Standard within the industry. The Company operates in several markets and has sold sorting equipment to a number of reputable companies in the grain industry. For more information about BoMill, please visit


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