We wanted to make it easier for homeowners to change the look and feel of their homes, and our floor styling range does just that. You can choose between different looks and styles and create a whole new feeling, just by renovating your floor.
Jessica Nissander, Marketing Director Retail EMEA and APAC
The new Bona Care Program for wood and resilient floors provides effective processes and professional support, enabling the building service contractors to offer optimal service and care that extends the life of floors and retains their original appearance for longer. We strongly believe that this will be a real game-changer for the industry
Davide Cavalleri, Sales Manager Jan San & Rental EMEA/APAC
I think the value of the floor is underestimated. Despite being a major part of our interior environment, floors get very little attention. With a cleverly restored floor, a room and a home can change drastically. Personality and culture can be expressed through the choice of flooring. With a variety of inspirational styles, we want to showcase the possibilities and creative solutions for the right ambience. Nowadays, people apply their personality to their home and interior style. A home showcases your personal identity more than anything else. The floor has an incredibly important role to play in this.
Cay Bond
We have an ambitious growth strategy and for the last couple of years we have seen a growing need to increase our distribution capacity in Europe to give our customers better service. This is Bona’s biggest investment ever and a crucial factor in supporting the future growth of our business. As sustainability is at the core of our business I am extremely proud of the green features of this facility and the positive impact it has on the environment and the local community
Kerstin Lindell, President & CEO of Bona AB
I’m delighted for our city that a fast growing company like Bona, investing in a new facility, has made the decision to remain here with us in Limburg. I wish the company a very prosperous future. It’s been a particularly special experience for me as, for the first time since my appointment as Mayor, I have been able to follow such a project from its initial plannng through the construction process to the opening
Dr. Marius Hahn, Mayor of Limburg
"In addition to the environmental benefits of renewable raw materials, we expect a longer durability of this wear layer. The ambition is to maintain the new look of the floor for a longer time. In this way, we save materials for renovation and reduce the consumption of wood to the floor itself"
Nicola Rehnberg, responsible for Bona's academic contacts