Ohboy Hotel – an urban oasis in Western Harbor, Malmö

A construction with sustainable solutions and locally sourced interior as key aspects

Ohboy Hotel is a new urban hotel recently built in Western Harbor, Malmö, Sweden. The interior of the rooms in the loft hotel is locally sourced – design, production and materials for the furniture all come from the south of Sweden. 300 sqm locally produced, massive ash has been treated with Bona’s Greenguard-certified floor primer and coating produced at Bona’s production site in Malmö.

The ash floor was installed with Bona R850, a true all-round adhesive that solves most of the challenges of fastening wooden floors. As a surface treatment, the Bona Natural Primer base coat and Bona Traffic Natural top coat were used to preserve the look and feel of a freshly sanded, untreated wooden floor. Bona Traffic Natural provides excellent, durable protection for a wooden floor in a hotel environment.

The hotel accommodates 31 smart, compact living, loft hotel rooms in an urban environment. The concrete from the nearby skate park is found in both the exterior of the building and the sparsely furnished hotel rooms. Gray-blue cold concrete meets the warm feeling of a freshly sanded, beautiful ash floor. Angles and twists create interesting and unexpected effects to the materials and floor. The decorations are few and tasteful. The kitchen and dining area is located upstairs and bed and bathroom downstairs. The room rate includes a bicycle, so guests can easily get around in bike-friendly Malmö. The concept of the hotel, and the 55 apartments found on the other 6 floors, is based on a modern, urban lifestyle – where it is easy to live green and climate smart.

The team behind Ohboy Hotel are architects and developers Haushild + Siegel. The floors and stairs are made by Branders Snickeri in Malmö.

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Project details:

Floors and stairs: solid ash from Skåne

Floor area: 300 sqm

Adhesive: Bona R850

Surface treatment: Bona Prime Natural and Bona Traffic Natural

Architect: Haushild + Siegel

Floor supplier/floor craftsman: Branders Snickeri in Malmö

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