Result of bondholders’ meetings

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Reference is made to announcements on 31 October 2019 regarding Bonheur ASA summons to bondholders’ meetings for the bond issues "BON06" (ISIN NO0010714538), "BON07" (ISIN NO0010793565) and "BON08" (ISIN NO0010809577) with proposals to harmonize the equity ratio definition therein with the newly issued BON09 (ISIN NO0010861313).


The summoned bondholders’ meetings were held today, and the proposed resolutions were approved by a qualified majority in each of the bondholders’ meetings. Please see attached confirmation to this effect from Nordic Trustee AS.


For questions, please contact:

Bonheur ASA

Øyvind B. Kristiansen, Fred. Olsen & Co., +47 90 01 05 29 or

Haakon Magne Ore, Fred. Olsen & Co., +47 92 02 75 10 or




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