Closing the year with a sale to the first customer for our new product is much more than a single sale, it marks the shift from being a pre-revenue company to being a revenue-generating company. For me, this is a long-awaited start to monetizing all the work we have done until now. This is the first very small step in what I expect to be a tremendous growth journey, which takes advantage of the unique position within digital therapeutics for dementia that we have worked to build. I don’t expect it to be easy, but I have no doubt that we have all the right cards on our hand to make this happen
Kim Baden-Kristensen, CEO Brain+ A/S
The collaboration with Brain+ is effective and enjoyable, bringing the best of both worlds to the table. The great unmet clinical need in dementia still stands unanswered and we still see a big need for solutions like the ones we are working on with Brain+. We believe that an ecosystem approach to Alzheimer's and dementia is needed, and we believe digital therapeutics will play an important role
Dr. Nikos Green, Senior Venture Architect & PO Neuroscience, Rox Health
The upcoming launch of our first product is the moment we have been striving for: to be able to offer better therapies to help people living with dementia – and in this case also enable their caregivers to deliver better therapy. Everywhere I go and talk to people in the dementia communities about Brain+ and our digital products, they tell me how important it is for patients what we are doing
Kim Baden-Kristensen, CEO and Co-Founder, Brain+
I am very pleased with the growing interest that we are being met with from big pharma companies in our software solutions and DTx products for dementia. It is key for us to get access to the right resources and competencies to ensure a fast route to commercialization for our products. We are convinced that our DTx solutions offer considerable value for people living with dementia, their relatives, and the healthcare communities around them – and the interest from core pharma players in this field is also an important validation of our business potential
Kim Baden-Kristensen, CEO & Co-founder, Brain+
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