Norwegian real estate company relies on Swedish Fin Tech

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It’s not just financials companies that need financial technology. Real estate companies, too, handle large sums of money. That’s why Norwegian real estate developer MIRIS becomes one of the increasing number if firms that benefit from Swedish Fin Tech pioneer Bricknode’s financial ecosystem.

Large real estate development projects means big money are in circulation. Many companies bring in external investors by selling bonds or shares in the development project. Hence they need to keep track of things like share ownership, dividends and various taxes.

One such company is Norwegian real estate developer MIRIS, who now abandons it’s earlier IT-system, favouring Swedish Bricknode Broker instead.

This is the second company in a very short time that has decided on Bricknode’s products. And that is good new for the software rebel, based in the small town of Skövde in south west Sweden.

–  That our systems are entirely cloud based and use open API:s make them easy to implement and customise. That is probably more important for our success than our somewhat unconventional pricing, CEO Erik Hagelin comments.

Erik Hagelin, CEO
Bricknode AB

The financial industry is currently going through the most significant change since mutual funds were introduced. Financial Technology (FinTech) innovations are adding services that focus on usability and value.

Bricknode is part of that revolution. But we have one more objective: Putting the Fun in Finance. Our FinTech Ecosystem provides operators in the financial industry with a hassle free environment, where they can meet and create value for each other and for their customers


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