The Bricknode FinTech Ecosystem is here!

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Bricknode automates delivery of its financial cloud platform and offers transparent pricing online. Today Bricknode ( has launched its new website where financial institutions can get a new system instantly and FinTech innovators, app developers and consultants can join its ecosystem.

As of Today you can register for Bricknode Financial Systems (BFS) online and get automatic access to the platform.

To make the whole thing even easier we have just hired four new characters at Bricknode that will help you find the setup that is right for you.

Meet Victor

Victor owns a financial institution and uses BFS as a complete solution for back office, his brokers and as a customer front end.

Victor will appear in articles explaining various types of concepts like tax management, trading of various instruments and also how he integrates with other systems that he uses.

Developer Simon

Whenever Victor needs help with integrations, coding or specialized apps that he and his organization uses he calls Simon. Simon is a developer who builds his own applications on top of BFS.

Some of his apps are made for global use and Simon sells and markets those apps through the Bricknode Marketplace where all the BFS customers can try and buy the products.

FinTech Mike

Mike is a FinTech Innovator, he is friends with Simon and has a whole team of developers that are building a new financial service with BFS as the engine.

Mike is very creative and comes up with a lot of ideas all the time that he wants to give to his customers and with BFS he does not have to think about the standard stuff in the back end of things.

 Expert Lena

The financial markets can sometimes be complex and all of the guys above frequently hires Lena, who is a BFS Expert and ready to sort out any challenges.

Lena has a network of consultants that are developers or business experts that she recommends for even the most difficult issues.

Bricknode wants to help individuals and companies to improve their financial lives. Bricknode does this by bringing new financial services to the market. Bricknode offers a cloud based platform and ecosystem for partners who share the same values and beliefs.

Bricknode aims to be the premier ecosystem within finance as a platform provider for financial institutions, FinTech innovators, app developers and consultants. With today’s release of Bricknode has taken a big step towards this goal.

“Since 2010 we have worked very hard to learn the behind the scenes details of the financial industry. Our goal has always been to use the internet for connecting different stakeholders within finance and create value for each one.

With today’s launch, BFS is ready for users to sign up and get started with our service directly online. We hope that financial entrepreneurs and established institutions will appreciate the value that BFS has to offer.” said Stefan Willebrand, CEO and Co-Founder of Bricknode.

Bricknode AB
Stefan Willebrand, CEO and Co-Founder 

The financial industry is currently going through the most significant change since mutual funds were introduced. Financial Technology (FinTech) innovations are adding services that focus on usability and value.

Bricknode wants to put the Fun in finance and has established a FinTech Ecosystem where the participants in the financial industry can meet and create value for each other and their customers.




Our goal has always been to use the internet for connecting different stakeholders within finance and create value for each one.
Stefan Willebrand, CEO and Co-Founder