Is it time to invest in Windows 8?

Businesses unsure whether or not take the step up to the new Windows 8 operating system are being helped in their decision by Midlands IT specialist Netmetix Ltd.

The company has been making the most of its exclusive access to Windows 8 BETA, which it has been trialling since its release in February. The tag line for the launch was ‘Windows 8 Re-imagined for Business’ and Netmetix has already discovered that Windows 8 offers greater flexibility and productivity for business.

Windows 8 launched last week and was the biggest Microsoft launch in the history of the company. Netmetix is about to upgrade 35 desktops at an aviation company in Bournemouth, and is aiming to take advantage of software assurance to upgrade them to Windows 8 almost straight away.

Greig Schofield, Business Development Manager says: “A significant feature is that Windows 8 will run on the same hardware as Windows 7 or Vista, which means there is no capital outlay needed for any hardware. There is also a special offer whereby if you buy a PC between June 2012 and January 2013, you will be able to upgrade to Windows 8 for a small payment of £15”

Companies that consistently operate on the move will be pleased to find that Windows 8 incorporates both a Metro-style interface optimised for touchscreens and tablets and a classic desktop interface while Windows To Go effectively allows them to take their desktop on the move with them via a single USB stick. The release of Microsoft’s own Windows 8 supporting surface tablet reaffirms Windows 8 as an operating system designed for on-the-go computing.

Windows 8 has also been architected for a 70% faster boot-up time than Windows 7; meaning businesses no longer have to wait for lengthy amounts of times to access their computer data. A redesigned Start menu, app store and enhanced architecture which amounts to greater security against boot loader attacks will also help businesses at a time where IT access and data security are hot topics.

With a host of new features to support business users, the question is: is it worth businesses moving quickly to Windows 8 or waiting until the launch of a service pack to decide whether or not it is worthwhile? Greig advises: “As Windows 8 presents a training issue for corporations there will be some natural resistance, think back to Windows 95 and the start button !  Integrated security (AV/firewall/Malware) and general slicker processes regarding desktop maintenance are a compelling reason for organisations due to the obvious cost savings. If businesses are still purchasing Windows 7 we recommend that they make sure there are software assurances in place that guarantee the right to a free or minimal cost upgrade.”

Netmetix has long been prepared for the release of Windows 8 and already supports thousands of Desktops. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, the company offers industry standard support on all Microsoft software and hardware.

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Netmetix is based in Birmingham Road, Allesley, Coventry. The company offers IT and network solutions including Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and more recently a complete cloud-based solution through Cloudmetix. 

Netmetix also provides a full and detailed installation and implementation service for everything it sells. The company provides sensible, reliable and professional advice at both a business and technical level. It works closely with manufacturers to bring effective and innovative solutions to its customers.

The company has achieved Microsft Gold Server Platform status following a rigorous examination process by its team of qualified technical engineers.




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