The gap analysis that K3 ran for us two years ago is still proving useful in making our business more efficient today
Clive Smith, Financial Controller, SIC
With greater access to the QlikTech team we can solve even the most complex of requirements for our QlikView customers quickly and to a high standard
Simon Devine, Business Intelligence Practice Manager, K3
“Companies need to be realistic and prioritise their payments
Brett Barton, managing director of Cranfield Business Recovery
Demand for commercial property in the manufacturing, automotive and supply chain markets definitely improved throughout 2012 and it is within growing industries like these that the market will continue to grow throughout 2013
David Holt, Director, D&P Holt
Businesses need to be aware of how they manage their software licenses better to ensure full compliance and to confirm they have no unlicensed software
Jason Price, Head of Sales, K3 Managed Services
We are constantly innovating our products and by partnering with DriveWorks we are able to help our customers confidently bring their manufacturing and sales knowledge together.
Andy Latham, Managing Director, K3 Syspro
As digital channels continue to mature, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to place blanket bans and restrictions on Internet access.
Jason Price, Head of Sales, K3 Managed Services
We needed to invest in a solution that could handle daily and hourly data, in order to enable us to respond instantly to customer orders
Paul Burnett, Finance Director, Invertec
We do feel more comfortable in the knowledge that should anything go wrong, we have the ongoing support of K3 Managed Services. If we do experience a problem, the support team will resolve it.
Mark Ansell, Project Manager, WIRS
The latest export figures demonstrate that overseas trade is steadily on the rise and we have experienced this with an increased demand for our own services throughout the year
Sophie Howe, Managing Director, Comtec Translations
The aim of our consortium is to provide a bespoke selection of the services that individually suit the need of each client, and which really help them to make their marketing activities work for them.
Warwickshire Creative Fusion founder, Tony Probert
Barcode technology has long been recognised as a key enabler in improving supply chain management and we are pleased to be able to provide our customers with a software product that makes it quick and easy to implement
Andy Latham, Managing Director, K3 Syspro
When K3 Syspro came back to us with the customised load planning software, we were immediately impressed with its functionality and how it supports editing, data input and validation
Garth Wilkinson, Operations Director, William Say and Co.
If you want to trade successfully in international markets, it always helps to learn the local language
Sophie Howe, Managing Director, Comtec Translations
This operational function has been provided not only to save payroll clerks time and reduce costs, but to also give workers a quick, secure and easy way of accessing payslips and checking their records
Kevin O’Donnell Head of HR Development at K3 Syspro
Your IT system should not only be flexible enough to stay in sync with your business priorities as they alter, but should also act as a proactive change agent, allowing you to exploit opportunities and identify threats
Jason Price, Head of Sales at K3 Managed Services
As Russia goes through a heavy period of airport builds, the memories of last year’s Yaroslavl disaster act as a stark reminder that runway safety needs to be carefully considered
Adrian Harrison, Managing Director, Pollite
We’re really excited to be joining forces with Logic Energy as they have some really innovative technologies that allow the customer to really understand where they are using their energy
Jason Davies, Managing Director, Advanced Carbon Energy Solutions
We are pleased to be taking on new clients such as Repose, which is a manufacturing company in one of our key target markets.
Dr Denise Taylor, Managing Director, Bridge PR & Media Services
The job lent well to our own strengths of working with the customer to come up with a bespoke design that works for them
Dave Reynolds, Sales Director of Logan Teleflex
We tried everything beforehand from DAT backup software to external disk drives but nothing was able to restore beyond 24 hours. With the cloud, our data is backed up for much longer and it is much more secure than we could ever make it
Richard Grant, Financial Controller, éclat Marketing
Why look to London and other cities for creative services when you have everything you need right here in the Midlands?”
Tony Probert, Managing Director at LightMedia Communications
We are very excited about the software that K3 Syspro demonstrated to us and after speaking to an existing K3 Syspro customer using the same system, we expect it to improve our business over the next 10 to 15 years
James Bowyer, Managing Director, Bowyer Engineering.
Pollite was always a leading candidate to supply the frangible masts for the Sydney Stop Bars project. They provided a fully compliant, cost effective solution for the project, helping to ensure the work was completed to the exacting standards expected by a major airport such as Sydney.
Andy Sole, Strategic Development Director of ATG Airports
Askews are showing their ability to adapt to the cloud and bring a new way of thinking to an old profession.
Francesca Holmes, Sage One Business Consultant
The majority of people that we cater to are busy executives that often do not have time to sit down at a computer to visit our website. This mobile web app from Digi-Vu has enabled us to be more flexible to our customers and really boost our digital presence
Denise Taylor, Managing Director, Bridge PR & Media Services
The workshop provided good networking opportunities and I gained further knowledge of certain social media management
Dean Walton, managing director of Mask-arade and director at Alumet Solutions
To not have a single ground level safety breach reported in a year is a fantastic result.
Les Smith, Project Leader at Capital Projects, Aberdeen Airport
Having our product profiled in this Microsoft publication allows us to show our current and future clients that K3’S SYSPRO ERP solution is internationally recognised within the manufacturing sector
Andy Latham, Managing Director, K3 Syspro
The key is managing your IT budget to accommodate IT innovation and implementing that budget for business advantage
Jason Price, Sales Manager, K3 Managed Services
We want the experience of all Good Garage Scheme customers to be the best they receive at a service and in order to achieve this, it is important that we continue to evaluate and improve customer service performance
Anndi Sheppard, Marketing Manager, Good Garage Scheme
Before my car received the Petrol Saver Treatment it kept stalling the first time I would start the ignition. The car now runs smoothly and I have no starter problems.
Christine Jackson, winner of a year's supply of fuel
Miles Better has become an instantly recognisable figure for motorists that represents the quality service that drivers can expect from independent garages
Anndi Sheppard, Marketing Manager, Good Garage Scheme
In a business like ours you cannot allow personal data to fall into the wrong hands. Knowing that Cloudmetix offers extensive security and protection is very reassuring.
Annejulie Webb, Managing Director, Prestige Recruitment
Our software developers have dedicated themselves to creating a product that makes it easy and cost effective for our customers to gain the many benefits of connecting their world class SYSPRO ERP and Dynamics CRM systems
Andrew Bray, K3 General Manager
We all had a fantastic time going back to our school days for BEN. The charity does some excellent work supporting those that work in our industry and we are always keen to support them as best we can
Anndi Sheppard. Marketing Manager, Good Garage Scheme
K3 have provided us with a solution that will save us a lot of time and expense compared to our previous system
Barry Linnard, Sinclair’s independent consultant
These appointments will help us to drive the business forward even further over the coming months and is testament to the rapid progress the business has made over the last few years
Paul Blore, Managing Director, Netmetix
We are delighted that K3 has for some time, a future perfect ERP solution that is trustworthy, reliable, easy to use and which is outperforming in terms of total cost of ownership
Andy Latham, Managing Director, K3 Syspro
We are delighted to have teamed up with Vauxhall to offer this exclusive deal to their garages. Poorly maintained air conditioning systems can be very dangerous to motorists so by offering a special air conditioning de-bug offer to drivers, MasterFit dealers can eliminate any future health issues associated with clogged up air conditioning systems
Rachel Greasby, General Manager of Forté
It is my aim to help my customers make more profit and improve their own customer’s experiences through using Forte´ products.
Addison Howe, National Accounts Manager
It is more important now than ever to keep your business continuity plan fresh, in order to avoid losing large sums of money and productivity.
Jason Price, Head of Sales at K3 Managed Services
It is great to see India putting the spotlight on frangibility. Approach poles are a small part of airport infrastructure that can lead to additional fatalities if they do not perform correctly and break on impact.
Adrian Harrison, Managing Director, Pollite
In this day and age, social networking really can help a business to interact with its customers on a more personal level and this is proof that it can be advantageous to businesses in the motoring sector.
Anndi Sheppard, Marketing Manager, Good Garage Scheme
Having such a well-regarded Coventry business take the first step I’m sure inspired other businesses to follow suit.
Jane Hytch, Imagineer Productions
The best thing about CRM is that everything comes to us through a Microsoft interface. We are all familiar with Microsoft software, so using the CRM system is a relatively simple procedure.
Kevin Barker, Business Analyst, Dudson
Where previously a quarterly stock take would have taken two to three days, we could now get it done in no more than two days, freeing us up to get on with other aspects of the job
Cheryl Thompson, Secretary to the Directors, Directa
We had a number of really creative entries but in the end we settled for Miles Better, as it represents the ethos of our member garages – they all strive to offer miles better service every time you visit!
Anndi Sheppard, Marketing Manager, Good Garage Scheme
We’ve seen our work volumes increase and SYSPRO will allow us to scale up and improve our efficiencies.
Ali Soomro, MIS Project Manager, SPC
It is important that businesses are aware of the benefits of BPO
Neil Askew, managing director of Askews Accountants