Brighter’s subsidiary Nectarine Health has gained proof of concept from its U.S. end user trial for Medicare reimbursement

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Brighter AB (Publ) today announces that Nectarine Health has gained proof of concept from its product end user trial with Solutionology Health for Medicare reimbursement in the US.

Following this year’s milestones, which have included the FCC clearance and the FDA registration of Nectarine Health at Home and the start of end user trials with partners in the geriatrics and senior healthcare market, Nectarine Health continues to push into the commercialisation phase.

“Our end user trials have helped us confirm that our technology is fit for purpose as well as having given us valuable feedback on consumer behavior and the consumer experience. More importantly, our trials have helped inform us on our market fit in the U.S. and explore areas we should focus on in the short run. Over the last few months, Nectarine Health has been working on developing a managed care solution with Solutionology Health that is Medicare-reimbursable. Our primary purpose is to make senior care more affordable and accessible. We are happy to announce that Solutionology Health has successfully billed CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) for a select number of users who now enjoy the benefits of our product and their managed care service. This proof of concept is a major step forward in our commercial efforts,” says Matthias Tietze, CEO of Nectarine Health. 

Medicare billing is done by the medical professional, who recommends Nectarine Health at Home as part of their service to the patient. The patient will then in most cases, benefit from a service of which a majority is paid by Medicare. 

Nectarine Health and Solutionology Health, together with their partners, are in the process of agreeing pricing for the initial users. Although the user base will likely remain small for the coming weeks, the company expects to earn its first revenues soon. Further to that, the end user trial with Solutionology Health will continue through Q4 2021, to continue exploring consumer behavior, consumer experience of Nectarine Health at Home and other commercial opportunities. 

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About Nectarine Health

Nectarine Health™ at Home is an AI-based well-being technology that is built for life-loving independence. It aims to empower seniors to live independently at home for longer, promoting feelings of safety and security, knowing that help is always at hand. Nectarine Health is an international company with a team of 40 and headquarters in Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden. We believe that better and more intelligent tools can help society improve and maintain the quality of care for its ageing global population.

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Solutionology Health aims to fill care gaps, in a pragmatic way. There are too many companies and processes that make things harder than they must be in the US health system. We are a collective group of SME consultant solutionologist providing healthcare innovative solutions for patients, providers and health plans. We can decrease physician abrasion for health plans and companies while ensuring quality care. Amongst many of our services we are providing a fully managed turnkey remote patient monitoring solution for medical providers. We can build complex systems to drive authorizations in simple formats. We specialize in prospective and retrospective claims review for recoupment in the most difficult billing such as radiation oncology. We specialize in the top healthcare cost drivers in the US. We provide unique specialized innovative healthcare solutions to solve the most complex issues in the industry. We guide strategy, delivery and engagement in the US for new medical devices, or treatment. We can build reimbursement strategies. We provide a plethora of specialty medical insight and knowledge that can drive change, increase efficiencies, ensure quality value-based care and quality care.