Change in Management and Board of Directors.

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The Nomination Committee of Brighter AB has proposed Truls Sjöstedt as new Chairperson of the Board and will endorse the proposal at the Annual General Meeting 2019. Truls is currently the company's CEO. The Board of Directors intends to appoint Henrik Norström, today COO, as CEO in connection with the Annual General Meeting on May 9.

“During the last 12 years I have built and run the company. With the completion of Actiste, Brighter is facing a major commercial shift entering a new phase characterized by new challenges. I look forward to continuing to drive the company's top-level vision and long-term development as an Executive Chairperson and will to a great extent still be engaged in the company going forward,” says Truls Sjöstedt, Brighter's founder and CEO.

Henrik Norström joined Brighter in 2012 and has since then held various roles with primary responsibility for the daily operations and overall business development, in close collaboration with Truls.

“Henrik Norström is an extremely skilled and determined individual with an international profile who has been part of building Brighter for a long time. He has been absolutely crucial in the successes that the company has achieved and I am confident that Henrik will take the company to a new level in his new role. I have great confidence in Henrik and cannot leave the position of CEO in more capable hands,” says Truls Sjöstedt.

Since 2015, Brighter has focused on the development and CE certification of the company's flagship offering, Actiste® Diabetes Management as a Service – a data-driven service that transforms the healthcare of insulin-treated diabetics and unlocks massive value to society. The unique Actiste device is now in the final phase of its CE certification process, which opens up for further commercialization of the service.

The Nomination Committee further proposes blockchain profile Tove Andersson and IT entrepreneur Emanuel Lipschütz as new board members and that Jan Stålemark, Catarina Ihre and Lars Flening be re-elected.

For further information, please contact:

Truls Sjöstedt, CEO
Phone: +46 709 73 46 00

About Actiste.
Brighter's solution Actiste® handles most of the self-monitoring and treatment of insulin-treated diabetes in a single easy-to-use device. Measurement of glucose levels, insulin injections, automatic logging, and timing of all activities are performed from a single unit. Actiste is connected via an autonomous and secure mobile connection, and information can be automatically shared with selected recipients through The Benefit Loop®, Brighter's open cloud-based service where data is collected, processed and analyzed with patient consent.

Validated user-generated data, such as glucose levels or insulin doses, can be automatically transferred electronically to many different constituents. The patient selects when and how data is shared and who will have access to it. Through The Benefit Loop, different services can motivate patients with chronic illnesses to change their behavior, which can save lives, reduce relatives' concerns, and release enormous healthcare resources.

About Brighter AB.
Brighter is a Swedish-based company that, from a unique IP portfolio, creates smart solutions for one of healthcare’s biggest challenges: changing patient behavior. Chronic diseases such as diabetes are rapidly increasing, and account for an increasing share of healthcare costs globally. Brighter's Business Model and Multi-Sided Market Platform - The Benefit Loop®- is based on the fact that many special interests create value for each other. By increasing access to valid health data, Brighter creates value for all stakeholders in the care chain: patients and their relatives, healthcare providers, research institutes, the pharmaceutical industry, and society as a whole.

The Company's shares are listed on NASDAQOMX First North/BRIG. Brighter’s Certified Adviser on Nasdaq OMX First North is Eminova Fondkommission AB, +46 (0)8 – 684 211 00,


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