Consumers in Sweden can now subscribe to Brighter’s diabetes care service Actiste®

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Brighter’s Actiste® service, for people living with insulin-treated diabetes, is now available to consumers in Sweden. Customers can sign up for a subscription directly at the Actiste website. Brighter is also currently introducing Actiste in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

“This is a special moment for us at Brighter, as Sweden is our home market and this is where our journey towards improving everyday life for people living with diabetes began. Although it is a relatively small market from an economic perspective, these first users will generate many valuable insights and form the basis for further commercialization activities globally,” says Henrik Norström, CEO of Brighter.

A complete solution for successful diabetes care
Actiste is a new service that has been developed to simplify everyday care and improve quality of life for people living with insulin-treated diabetes. Actiste includes all the necessary functions for daily diabetes care care, as well as a digital connection that provides care givers with a way to support their patients in adhering to treatment guidelines. Greater adherence can help to reduce the risk of harmful diabetes-related complications.

The Actiste service includes:

  • A smart Actiste device that brings together the essentials for everyday treatment in a single unit
  • Global connectivity through modern eSIM functionality, as well as automatic storage and sharing of data on injected insulin doses and blood sugar measurements
  • Automatic replenishment of test strips, lancets and needles – delivered directly to the home
  • The Actiste Companion app for Android and Apple smartphones, where the user gets a clear overview of time-stamped and relevant treatment data, including insulin doses and blood sugar values. Users can also add reminders, add tags, and record meal and exercise events
  • Customer support

The Benefit Loop
Brighter's service safely enables the automatic collection of and feedback on user-generated treatment and health data. This kind of feedback loop is crucial in the effective treatment of diabetes.

Studies* show that over 50 percent of chronically-ill patients treat themselves incorrectly or cease their treatment completely. Without regular and reliable information about their patients' blood glucose values, insulin doses, meals and exercise, caregivers may have an incomplete understanding of the patient's actual health status, and limited insight into how recommended treatment guidelines are being followed. This may mean that the treatment becomes ineffective and the risk of the patient developing complications increases.

For further information, please contact:

Henrik Norström, CEO
+46 733 40 30 45

Certified Adviser
Brighter’s Certified Adviser on Nasdaq OMX First North is Eminova Fondkommission AB, +46 (0)8 – 684 211 10,,

About Brighter AB (publ)
Brighter is a health-tech company from Sweden with a vision of a world where managing chronic diseases is no longer a struggle. We believe a data-centric approach is key to provide smarter care for chronic conditions. Our daily-care solutions facilitate the flow of real-life treatment data between chronic-disease patients, their loved ones and their care providers – improving quality of life, easing the burden on healthcare systems, and opening new opportunities for data-driven research. Brighter is certified under ISO 13485. In 2019 the company won the Swecare Rising Stars Award. The Company's shares are listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market/BRIG.

*McKinsey & Company Article: Improving patient adherence through data-driven insights, December 14, 2018




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