Design Crazy takes readers behind the mythology that Steve Jobs so carefully cultivated. So many assumptions about how Apple operates turn out to be wrong. So much of what we think we know has been deeply misunderstood.”
Fast Company editor Robert Safian
A gripping description of a journey to hell and back, one that will take its place beside William Styron's Darkness Visible and Kay Redfield Jamison's An Unquiet Mind.
Oliver Sacks
“It’s all here. Everything you should know about soccer, the world’s game.”
Los Angeles Times
“It turns out that mesmerizing fiction set at sea hasn’t gone the way of the tall ship after all. Frank Huyler’s ‘The Castaway’ made me want to assemble a new anthology of nautical novellas just so I could place it where it belongs, in the company of Conrad’s ‘The Secret Sharer’ and Melville’s ‘Benito Cereno.’ ”
Donovan Hohn, author of “Moby-Duck: The True Story of 28,800 Bath Toys Lost at Sea and of the Beachcombers, Oceanographers, Environmentalists, and Fools, Including the Author, Who Went in Search of Them”
Amy Harmon narrates the way autism impinges on all social relations, even among autistic people. In doing so, she breaks down the myth that autistic people are emotionally vacant. As she narrates the courage it takes for them to enter the arena of love, she lets us understand the resilience, the richness, and the deep humanity of the autistic experience, and she does so in moving, gripping prose.
Andrew Solomon, winner of the 2013 National Book Critics Circle Award for the bestselling Far From the Tree: Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity