Reliver – a new service from Cabonline:E-commerce returns go by taxi

Cabonline – the leading Nordic taxi company – is launching a new service called Reliver that provides e-commerce customers with a simple, efficient method for returning goods. Reliver will be presented today at D-Congress 2019 in Gothenburg – Sweden’s largest e-commerce event.

Surveys* show that eight out of ten e-commerce customers want to be able to return goods free of charge if they decide they don’t want them. Half of customers will even cancel their order if they discover that returns are not free of charge. The demand for problem-free returns is growing and represents a challenge to the profitability of e-businesses.

“Our Reliver service will make life easier for everyone who orders goods online, while simultaneously supporting e-businesses,” says Kenneth Verlage, head of Cabonline Sweden. “Our vehicles are available, especially at those times when customers are at home. We can arrive quickly, collect the package and then deliver it efficiently to the correct freight carrier.”

Reliver eliminates the final obstacle to convenient online shopping. With over 5,000 vehicles across the Nordics, Cabonline can deliver this return service nationwide, faster and with greater cost-effectiveness than anyone else. The availability of green vehicles also means that these returns will contribute to the sustainability of the e-commerce delivery chain. The stages of the Reliver service are described below.

“The launch of Reliver is a step in expanding our business into new areas,” says Peter Viinapuu, Group CEO of Cabonline. “Return deliveries will allow our vehicles to be utilised more during evenings and weekends when we normally have lower occupancy rates. This will increase our availability, making us a more attractive partner for our customers in both the private and public sectors. This will make us even more attractive to e-businesses.”

Cabonline will now be developing the concept and collaborating with selected e-commerce businesses on a number of pilot tests during 2019.

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*Source: Shopify 2018, e-handelsbarometern 2018, www.logtrade.comInvesp E-commerce Product Return Rate – Statistics and Trends 2018

This is how Reliver works
– e-commerce package returns, step by step


• The customer orders collection via a return button on the e-business’ website.


• An order arrives at our booking centre and we assign the collection to a local taxi.

• The customer receives an SMS confirming the time of collection.

• The booking centre will follow up that the return has been collected from the customer and delivered to the logistics hub on time.


• A taxi in the queue accepts the order and drives to the customer.


• The package is collected from the customer, either at the kerb or the building entrance, depending on the order type.

• The package is registered in the logistics system.


• The package is delivered to the logistics hub and deregistered in the logistics system.

• The package is booked in by the responsible carrier at the logistics hub.

• The return delivery is booked and debited to the e-business at EOB.


• The package is then collected at the logistics hub and delivered to the terminal of the carrier responsible for that part of the transportation chain.

For further information:
Kenneth Verlage, head of Cabonline Sweden, tel: + 46 704 20 53 75
Peter Viinapuu, Group CEO Cabonline, tel: + 46 704 20 53 04


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Cabonline is the Nordics’ leading taxi company, with 2,700 associated taxi companies operating approximately 5,300 vehicles in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Cabonline is behind some of the best-known brands in the Nordics. including TaxiKurir, Norgestaxi, TOPCAB, Kovanen, Taxi Skåne, Taxi Väst, Umeå Taxi and Sverigetaxi.. Cabonline provides carriers with access to attractive customer contracts, support from industry-leading R&D, as well as the benefits of economy of scale, streamlined support services and a common infrastructure. The Cabonline Group has a turnover of approximately SEK 6.2 billion and performs in the region of 50,000 journeys per day. For further information, please visit


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Cabonline is the leading taxi company in the Nordic region with 3,000 connected taxi firms and approximately 5,700 vehicles in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Cabonline contains a series of well known brands, such as TaxiKurir, Taxi Skåne, Taxi Väst, Umeå Taxi, Sverigetaxi, TOPCAB, Norgestaxi, Kovanen and Taxi 4x27. Through Cabonline, taxi firms have access to attractive customer agreements, support from industry leading technological development and utilisation of economies of scale, efficient service and a shared infrastructure. The Group has revenue of approximately SEK 6.2 billion and performs about 50,000 journeys per day. For further information,


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