Calmark decides to locate the Chinese subsidiary in Guangzhou, Greater Bay Area

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An exploratory review has led Calmark to the conclusion that the Greater Bay Area will be the most suitable location for Calmark's subsidiary in mainland China. The city of Guangzhou, situated as it is and harboring a cluster of MedTech companies, has now been selected for the next phase.

On behalf of Calmark, the consultancy firm Nordic Match has reviewed ten different areas in China and compared their respective access to talents, FTZ (foreign trade zones), industrial clusters and logistics opportunities. The city of Guangzhou, with 15.3 million inhabitants, functions as a hub for both medtech and pharmaceutical companies. It is thus the location that best fits the criteria. Calmark is looking at premises in the Guangdong Medical Valley (GDMV), where many similar MedTech companies are located. 

"We consider a presence in the Greater Bay Area to be of strategic importance," says Anna Söderlund, CEO of Calmark. "It will provide us access to an ecosystem of essential stakeholders: local networks, regional partners, investors, innovation platforms, authorities and higher education establishments. This will give us the best opportunity to succeed in this incredible market!"


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Anna Söderlund, CEO
Telefon: +46 70 214 98 93

Calmark Sweden AB is a medical technology company developing a point-of-care (POC) analysis method with easier and faster diagnostics of medical conditions in newborns. The unique test platform consists of a reader and single-use products. The first tests are being launched in 2020. WHO expects 1.5 billion children to be born worldwide prior to 2030. In the Western world, the introduction of POC diagnostics is resulting in huge savings and shorter care chains. In less developed healthcare systems, the product will offer decision-making support, which is currently lacking, since the access to hospital laboratories often is limited. Calmark aims to become the global leader in POC diagnostics for newborns and, in the long term, to offer all relevant tests for the first period of life. The B share is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market and is traded under the CALMA B ticker. Read more at  





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