I very much look forward to being involved in the management and development of Calmark, a company with thrilling times ahead
Madeleine Skoglund, CFO
Calmark's products are suitable for all markets worldwide. However, we choose to prioritize the markets where we already have good collaborations and see that launch and sales can take place in the near future.
Anna Söderlund, CEO Calmark
Getting such positive feedback directly from end users in hospitals has been priceless, everyone truly appreciates the value of the product.
Magdalena Tharaldsen, Calmark’s Director International Business Development
The products will be delivered to end customers in the Northern regions, according to the roll-out plan.
Magdalena Tharaldsen, Director International Business Development at Calmark
We have worked really hard to develop a product that is feasible worldwide. Both in highly developed healthcare systems and in low-income countries. The fact that we are now getting noticed and receive the quality seal "NEST360 Qualified" is a big and important milestone for us and a proof that we have succeeded!
Anna Söderlund, CEO
It is with deep satisfaction that we announce the CE conformity marking of our product COVID19-LDH
Anna Söderlund, CEO
It is truly inspiring and heartening to join the Calmark team and be able to make use of my experience in a new context
Magdalena Tharaldsen, Director of International Business Development
We are very pleased with the collaboration with Triolab and it feels great that we can now reach more markets together.
Marianne Alksnis, International Sales Director of Calmark
It is with heartfelt satisfaction that we announce the CE conformity marking of our first product
Anna Söderlund, CEO
I am very proud to have been proposed to chair the Board of Directors of Calmark Sweden AB in this pivotal stage of the Company's development. I see tremendous potential in the company and its products; POC diagnostics is a rapidly growing area and Calmark's offering is strong. It is also good to know that Mathias will remain on the board so that he can continue to share his knowledge.
Kjersti Berg Marthinsen
We have held meetings with more than 50 actors and been given unique opportunities to demonstrate our platform and discuss partnerships around sales.
Marianne Alksnis, International Sales Director
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