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Calmark Sweden AB today announces that the board member and co-founder Mathias Karlsson, through his company Valetudor Development AB, has transferred 113,334 Series B shares to Wingefors Invest AB to settle loans. The price per share amounts to SEK 7.50, a total of SEK 850,005 for all the shares. The loans were raised by Mathias Karlsson to acquire Calmark shares in connection with the 2018 listing on Spotlight Stock Market.

Following the transfer, Mathias Karlsson, privately and through companies, owns 95,400 Class A shares and 954,330 Class B shares, which corresponds to 5.97 percent of the voting rights and 3.79 percent of the capital. Following the transfer, Wingefors Invest AB owns 129,300 Class A shares and 5,290,903 Class B shares, which corresponds to 20.60 percent of the voting rights and 19.59 percent of the capital.

For more information about Calmark Sweden AB, please contact:

Anna Söderlund, CEO
Telefon: +46 70 214 98 93

Calmark Sweden AB is a medical technology company developing a point-of-care (POC) analysis method with easier and faster diagnostics of medical conditions in newborns. The unique test platform consists of a portable instrument and test cassettes for various biomarkers. The first test, Neo-Bilirubin, was launched to the market in 2020. In the Western world, the introduction of POC diagnostics is resulting in huge savings and shorter care chains. In less developed healthcare systems, the product will offer a decision support which is currently lacking, since the access to hospital laboratories often is limited. Calmark aims to become the global leader in POC diagnostics for newborns and, in the long term, to offer all relevant tests for the first period of life. In addition to products for newborns, Calmark develops a POC test for assessment of COVID-19 disease severity. The B share is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market and is traded under the CALMA B ticker. Read more at  


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