Calmark recruits Jim Hansson for the role as Director of Production & Logistics

Calmark Sweden AB has hired Jim Hansson who will assume position as Director of Production & Logistics. Jim will be responsible for the development of Calmark's production and logistics, and will take office in October 2020.

Jim Hansson has a wealth of experience from the field of medical devices. Over the recent years, he has worked as Production Manager and acting Site Manager at the Swedish listed company XVIVO Perfusion AB in Lund. He has previously held positions at Vivoline Medical AB, NOTE Lund AB, MAQUET Nordic AB and Jostra AB. Jim's experience includes continuous product development, production adaptation and logistics/distribution of medical devices as well as purchasing, inventory optimization, production, supplier assessments and Quality Assurance according to ISO 13485.

"I am eagerly anticipating to join the Calmark team," says Jim Hansson. "As I have worked with Anna before, at Vivoline, I have been keeping tabs on Calmark's development; I am truly impressed by their pace so far, and I look forward to being involved in the build-up of the production and logistics department as the global launch approaches."

"I am absolutely thrilled that we have been able to attract Jim to Calmark," says Anna Söderlund, CEO. "His experience and expertise are just what the company needs right now, as we prepare to dispatch products to various parts of the world. In addition, he will make important contributions to the ongoing projects related to production line investments. A precious addition to the team!"  


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For more information about Calmark Sweden AB, please contact:

Anna Söderlund, CEO
Telefon: +46 70 214 98 93

Calmark Sweden AB is a medical technology company developing a point-of-care (POC) analysis method with easier and faster diagnostics of medical conditions in newborns. The unique test platform consists of a reader and single-use products. The first three tests are being launched in 2020. WHO expects 1.5 billion children to be born worldwide prior to 2030. In the Western world, the introduction of POC diagnostics is resulting in huge savings and shorter care chains. In less developed healthcare systems, the product will offer decision-making support, which is currently lacking, since the access to hospital laboratories often is limited. Calmark aims to become the global leader in POC diagnostics for newborns and, in the long term, to offer all relevant tests for the first period of life. The B share is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market and is traded under the CALMA B ticker. Read more at  





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