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  • Adjusted documentation in preparation of Catena’s 2021 Annual General Meeting

Adjusted documentation in preparation of Catena’s 2021 Annual General Meeting

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As a result of the private placement completed by Catena on March 31, 2021, the documentation in preparation of the AGM regarding the Board’s opinion on payment of dividends will be adjusted.

8 March 2021, 8.00 a.m.

Since the total number of shares has changed, an update has been made in Board of Directors' statement pursuant to Chapter 18, Section 4 of the Swedish Companies Act:  

  • The dividend corresponds to about 109 percent of the combined dividend for the period concerned, calculated in accordance with the target (previous calculation 100,1 percent)
  • Calculated as the total dividend in relation to profit after tax, it corresponds to about 20 percent (previous calculation about 19 percent)

The complete documentation in preparation of Catena’s 2021 AGM can be found at https://catenafastigheter.com/about-us/corporate-governance/agm/. An already submitted postal vote can be changed via Euroclear.

For further information, please contact
Jörgen Eriksson, CEO, Tel. + 46 730-70 22 42, jorgen.eriksson@catenafastigheter.se
Sofie Bennsten Deputy CEO and CFO, Tel. + 46 730-70 22 41 sofie.bennsten@catenafastigheter.se
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Catena is a listed property company that, through collaboration sustainably develops, owns and manages efficient logistics facilities. Its strategically located properties supply the Scandinavian metropolitan areas and are adapted for both current and future goods flows. The overall objective is to generate strong cash flow, enabling stable development and providing shareholders a favourable total return in the long term. As of 31 December 2020, the properties had a total value of SEK 18,612.4 million. Catena’s shares are traded on NASDAQ Stockholm, Large Cap.