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Catena owns, actively develops and manages efficient logistics properties in prime locations. The overriding objective is to show strong cash flow to enable stable development and dividends for shareholders. Catena AB is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange.


  • Catena AB
    Box 5003, 250 05 Helsingborg, Sweden
    +46 42-449 22 00
  • Quotes

    Although the market has been cautious, our perception is, at the same time, that efficient and sustainable logistics facilities remain in demand. In the discussions we are pursuing, issues of logistics and functioning goods flows are more relevant than ever
    Benny Thögersen, CEO Catena
    The assessment is that Catena, with its focus on logistics properties, has a stable foundation
    Benny Thögersen, CEO Catena
    We maintain a positive view of our market and can assert that the cash flow trend, which has been Catena’s signature and which safeguards our continued capacity, remains favourable
    Catena's CEO, Benny Thögersen
    This new construction project for DHL Express’ continues our development of Logistics Position Sunnanå, which, uniquely situated for transport both inside and outside Sweden, forms a central hub for current and future flows of goods
    Jörgen Eriksson, Catena’s Regional Manager in Malmö
    Having opportunities to make acquisitions at the site, builds conditions for further strengthening Catena’s position in the Mälardalen valley, adding up to 400,000 square metres of logistics space, which will be needed to meet future needs and ensure efficient and sustainable flows of freight and goods into the capital
    Maths Carreman, Catena’s Regional Manager Stockholm
    This initiative strengthens E-city Engelholm as an excellent e-commerce location and we are pleased and proud to take this next step together with Boozt, a leading-edge company that shares our ambition to develop modern logistics facilities that are both efficient and sustainable
    Göran Jönsson, Regional Manager at Catena
    DHL Express’ choice of the Sunnanå Logistics Position, which is part of Greater Copenhagen, for its handling of air cargo confirms the excellent location of the site for transports both within Sweden and abroad
    Jörgen Eriksson, Regional Manager, Malmö
    Catena is growing through project development, both by establishing new strategic logistic positions and by refining and developing existing properties. With our 110 logistic facilities, we perceive continuous potential to adapt and refine the conditions of each property
    Benny Thögersen, CEO
    The Tostarp Logistics Position’s status as a logistics hub in southern Sweden will be reinforced with the establishment of the PostNord facility. We look forward to continued good collaboration, in which we are able to contribute to PostNord’s development through our insight in online trade and smart distribution solutions from our perspective as a landlord.
    Göran Jönsson, Catena’s Regional Manager for Helsingborg
    With E-City, we are placing Ängelholm on the map as a centre for e-commerce logistics. Our vision is a sustainable business cluster, opening up completely new opportunities and offering major synergy benefits for players in digital commerce
    Benny Thögersen, CEO Catena
    Profit from property management has risen by 25 percent and our project portfolio has never been larger. Catena has both the capacity and the expertise to continue strengthening our position through further investments.
    Benny Thögersen, CEO Catena AB
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