Catena signs a new lease agreement with Nowaste Logistics

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Nowaste Logistics, a third-party logistics company, is moving into a newly built logistics facility at Logistikposition Tostarp in Helsingborg. Existing premises in the area are also being extended. 

14 October 2022, 08:30 CEST  

Catena has signed a seven-year lease with Nowaste Logistics for a recently completed logistics facility with an area of 16,169 m2 at Logistikposition Tostarp. The new logistics facility is environmentally certified in accordance with the Sweden Green Building Council’s Miljöbyggnad Silver standard, and solar panels are being installed on the roof.

Nowaste Logistics is a fast-growing third-party logistics company with operations in several facilities at Logistikposition Tostarp. At one of them, the premises are also being extended. The extension is expected to be completed in November 2022 and will add approximately 5,000 m2 to the facility.


  • Involves a new logistics facility with an area of 16,169 m2
  • The total investment for the new facility amounted to SEK 135 million
  • The investment is financed via own funds and available lines of credit
  • Estimated net operating income of SEK 9.4 million
  • Seven-year lease term
  • The facility is environmentally certified in accordance with Miljöbyggnad Silver

“Nowaste Logistics is a successful third-party logistics company that needs new premises. Our long-term and close relationship with Nowaste, in which both parties see future opportunities, means that we can help them continue to grow with their customers,” says Göran Jönsson, Catena’s regional manager in Helsingborg.

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