Catena switches to Miljöbyggnad Silver to achieve sustainability targets

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The ambition is for all of Catena’s future construction projects and, in the long term, existing buildings are to be certified in accordance with Miljöbyggnad Silver.

31 March 2020, 10:00 a.m CET

The new terminal Catena is building for PostNord at Logistics Position Tostarp outside Helsingborg was recently certified in accordance with the Sweden Green Building Council’s Miljöbyggnad Silver (Environmental Building Silver) standard, the level targeted by the company for all new construction in the future. The 18,300 square-metre terminal, where a solar cell plant also will be installed, meets strict requirements regarding building materials, sun protection, sound environment, indoor climate and moisture for example.

“Compared with the systems for certification we have applied previously, Miljöbyggnad Silver more clearly takes into account the origin and climate impact of the construction materials, as well as the indoor environment. This safeguards a more efficient use of resources and better matches Catena’s sustainability targets,” says Anna Wallander, Acting Sustainability Manager at Catena.

Miljöbyggnad is a Swedish system for sustainable certification of buildings, according to which environmental efforts and the building’s performance are reviewed as the project starts and verified when construction is completed. The system is owned and developed by the Sweden Green Building Council, the country’s largest organisation for sustainable community construction.

“We are pleased that Catena perceives the benefits offered by Miljöbyggnad,our system for certification, and we hope that they as a member company will be able to contribute to the development of sustainable logistics facilities with their expertise,” says Lotta Werner Flyborg CEO at the Sweden Green Building Council.


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Benny Thögersen, CEO                                                   
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Anna Wallander, Acting Sustainability Manager
Tel. +46 725-100 300

Catena is a listed property company that, through collaboration sustainably develops, owns and manages efficient logistics facilities. Its strategically located properties supply the Scandinavian metropolitan areas and are adapted for both current and future goods flows. The overall objective is to generate strong cash flow, enabling stable development and providing shareholders a favourable total return in the long term. The properties had a total value of SEK 16,270.5 million as of 31 December 2019.  Catena’s shares are traded on NASDAQ Stockholm, Mid Cap.