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  • Caverion to acquire the business of RPH Linc AB in Sweden , further strengthening its smart security solutions offering

Caverion to acquire the business of RPH Linc AB in Sweden , further strengthening its smart security solutions offering

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Caverion Corporation Investor news 1 July 2021 at 1.30 p.m. EEST

Caverion to acquire the business of RPH Linc AB in Sweden, further strengthening its smart security solutions offering

Caverion has today closed an agreement to acquire the business of the Swedish company RPH Linc AB. RPH Linc is a system integrator in the area of electrical security focusing on high-end security solutions for enterprise and multisite customers and the public sector.

RPH Linc was founded in 1999 as an IT consultancy company, and then developed towards the security sector as a systems integrator of more complex systems. RPH Linc also has a long history of working together with Caverion. In the financial year ending March 2020, the revenue of RPH Linc was about EUR 3 million. The parties have agreed not to disclose the transaction price.

The acquisition is a bolt-on acquisition for Caverion in the area of smart technology services, an area in which Caverion has a deep competence. Caverion’s extensive resources all over Sweden and the advanced ISO-processes will strengthen the delivery even further. Customers from both Caverion and RPH will benefit from this development: additional security specialist competence is added to the Caverion security team while the RPH solutions can be scaled much further with the Caverion nationwide network to customers of all sizes and from all segments.

“For us at RPH Linc this will be a natural step forward and an exciting development. We can serve customers even better and scale our offering. Our knowledge will enrich the already advanced capabilities of Caverion in this growing security space – together we will be even stronger,” says Raphael Cameron, CEO, RPH Linc.

”The acquisition strengthens our ambition to provide smart, digital and sustainable solutions for which expert knowledge is crucial. We see great possibilities to up-scale the know-how RPH Linc has developed during many years. The business will form a special unit within Caverion. RPH Linc uses the same security platform technology as Caverion, which will facilitate our cooperation. The smart adaptions RPH Linc have made to the security platform, especially in passage and access control, will further boost our position in the market of integrated security systems,” says Juha Mennander, Head of Caverion’s Division Sweden.

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For more information, please contact:

Juha Mennander, Head of Caverions Division Sweden, tel. +46706521203, juha.mennander@caverion.com

Erika Björnesparr, Head of Marketing and Communications, Caverion Sweden, tel. +467 3050 9285, erika.a.bjornesparr@caverion.com

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Caverion to acquire the business of RPH Linc AB in Sweden
The acquisition further strengthens Caverion's smart security solutions offering