Mein Schiff 6 embarks on her maiden voyage – Caverion provided electricity for the luxury cruiser

Caverion Corporation Article 2 June, 2017 at 11.30 a.m. EEST

Mein Schiff 6 embarks on her maiden voyage – Caverion provided electricity for the luxury cruiser  

TUI’s latest cruiser, Mein Schiff 6, will embark on her maiden trip tomorrow, 3 June, from Kiel in Northern Germany towards Norway and North Cape. Mein Schiff 6 is the fourth of six cruisers being built at the Meyer shipyard in Turku.

Caverion has been responsible for the electricity of the ship’s technical facilities, including the control room, bunkers, tank sections, main engine rooms, the cabling of the electricity distribution (1,000 V), and the implementation of engine systems. Caverion’s workshop in Ylivieska also delivered prefabricated pipe elements and packages to TUI’s ships.

The new luxury cruiser features a 25-metre pool, sound room/studio, jazz club, 13 restaurants and a range of adaptable spaces that can be turned into escape room or outdoor cinema. The new TUI cruisers have been designed particularly for German tourists, and the services on board will be in German. The growth of the cruise market is still strong in Germany, similarly to the rest of Europe and Australia.

Over 1,090 days without work-related accidents

The electrification of TUI’s ships involved approximately 50 Caverion employees per year. We have now passed the 1090thday without any occupational accidents on the site, which means that the accident frequency of the project is zero.

Caverion’s shipbuilding team relies on Finnish professionals. The company’s local staff is highly proficient and experienced in building and implementing technical facilities and engine rooms on ships.

The projects have met their schedule exemplary well, and the shipyard has completed the latest ship on time, even slightly ahead of time. Schedule adherence is extremely important, because the current utilisation rate of the ships is 100 per cent.

Caverion has previously participated in the electrification of two of the world’s finest cruisers – Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas – which were handed over to RCCL in 2009 and 2010.

Mein Schiff 6 in figures                               

Length             295 m
Width 36 m
Weight 99,500 GT
Decks  15
Passenger capacity 2,794
Cabins 1,267                   
Crew (approx.) 1,000
Sails under the flag of Malta
Construction started on 23 June 2015
Left the Turku shipyard on 9 May 2017      

Mein Schiff 6 will sail on the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean and in the North-American region.

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