Climeon was founded out of a drive to fight climate change, so to be elected as one of the solutions that can help the world reach the crucial 1.5°C target feels fantastic
Thomas Öström, CEO of Climeon
We are thrilled to be joining forces with such an experienced team and of course very proud to have our technology acknowledged by Breakthrough Energy Ventures. Through this collaboration, we will get to work with some of the world’s most knowledgeable professionals within the fields of energy, technology and finance, which is exactly what we need to achieve our vision
Thomas Öström, CEO of Climeon
We have been looking at different organic rankine cycles and the efficiencies of those equipment’s have been very low. When we discovered the Climeon Heat Power system, we found that it was a suitable solution for us. With the Climeon Heat Power system we can save money and at the same time clearly decrease our carbon footprint. We have now decided to include the Climeon Heat Power system as we develop new vessels and are evaluating the possibility of rebuilding our existing vessels so that the technology can be used throughout our existing fleet.
Kari Granberg, Manager NB Project & Technical Development at Viking Line.
We are happy to see that one of our first customers have chosen to place a repeat order for a full-scale installation on their newest passenger ferry. For us this is a big step, it gives us confirmation of our technology and proves the commercial viability of our product. We look forward to a continued partnership with Viking Line as they renew their fleet
Thomas Öström, CEO at Climeon
Waste heat recovery is a large market in Japan with many foreign and local players present. With this order, we demonstrate that Climeon is bringing a unique offering to the market with a highly efficient solution at a competitive price level
Ruben Havsed Head of Geothermal Sales at Climeon
Based on our successes last year we are seeing an intense and exciting period ahead of us. One of our major challenges will be to rapidly scale the sales and marketing capabilities. For us, Cristopher, with his leading experience in account based marketing is a perfect match
Climeon Executive Vice President David Ekberg
I have a dream which is to be a part of creating the next huge Swedish global industrial tech company. Climeon is the first case I have seen in a long time that has the potential of exceeding the successes of companies like ABB, Ericsson, Volvo, Scania, SKF etc.
Christopher Engman, incoming head of Sales and Marketing
I was amazed when I heard that Climeon operated at twice the efficiency of traditional heat conversion technologies. That meant Climeonʼs breakthrough technology was must-have on all Virgin Voyages ship. It’s a brilliant way to reduce emissions and at the same time cut costs. As the first line to put this on board cruise ships we are incredibly excited about this partnership and thank Climeon creating a better future for all of us.
Virgin Voyages President and CEO Tom Mcalpin
As WWF recognizes, heat power has the potential to be a major cornerstone in the fight to solve the climate crisis. At Climeon we are immensely proud to be a leader and pioneer in this work.
Climeon CEO Thomas Öström
We firmly believe that the climate challenge can best be solved with solutions that are better for individuals, companies and the planet at the same time. That is what we at Climeon call business for a better world
Climeon CEO Thomas Öström
The Climeon heat power system is an environmental breakthrough, and working with Virgin is of major importance to us. We are excited that Sir Richard Branson and Virgin, with their focus on sustainability, have decided to become a pioneer of this technology. Transforming hot water to electricity will be a major source of energy production going forward
Thomas Öström, Founder and CEO of Climeon
To meet the challenges of climate change, the world needs new clean energy sources. The Climeon system is just that, producing 100% clean energy and a new baseload for electricity.
Climeon CEO Thomas Öström
We have entered a new era of innovation in how we power and cool data centers, one of the fastest-growing users of energy and water in today’s digital economy
Jakob Carnemark CEO Aligned Energy
In most cases if you want to use clean electricity, converting solar and wind power are the typical methods; however, the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow. By cultivating this largely untapped resource in waste heat and converting it to 100% stable green baseload power, and by being able to use low temperature geothermal sources, we can support the data center industry’s rising demand for green energy in ways not previously possible through this new, highly sustainable and reliable approach
Jakob Carnemark CEO Aligned Energy
For Climeon this is another confirmation how well our technology works in field and the extent of value our solution delivers to customers. With this announcement both our lead customers now have announced their intention to accelerate their deployments.
Carl Åberg, Head of Steel market at Climeon
“At Fincantieri we continuously strive to improve our designs ensuring we maximize the value delivered to our customers. Working with Climeon is a way for us to deliver even cleaner and more energy efficient solutions”
Fabrizio Cafagna, Head of Basic Design at Fincantieri’s Merchant Ship Business Unit
“We are pleased that Fincantieri, one of the world’s largest shipbuilding groups, has selected Climeon for these cruise ships. This large scale deployment further highlights the strong business case for customers using our groundbreaking technology”
Thomas Öström, CEO Climeon
“For Climeon this order is a major step into the important Cruise Ship business”
Johan Larson, Head of Marine Sales at Climeon
“Energy and environmental savings are important factors for the future of the Cruise Ship business, we therefore see a lot of customer interests in our solutions.”
Johan Larson, Head of Marine Sales at Climeon
Climeon’s revolutionary and award winning Climeon Ocean solution makes electricity production possible and opens up new opportunities for generating clean power in the Netherlands
IF Technology’s director Martijn van Aarssen
With more than 25 years of experience working with geothermal projects, IF Technology is our perfect partner
Climeon CEO, Thomas Öström
The Netherlands with its strong governmental backing for clean energy projects, is perfect for expanding our market.
Climeon CEO, Thomas Öström
As a first step, Climeon Ocean will be deployed in the design for new ships. In addition, we are evaluating to retrofit existing ships and to further increase the capacity at Viking Grace.
Kari Granberg, Head of Projects, Viking Line
For us it has been a privilege to be able to do the first marine installation on Viking Grace. It strengthens us as company to have such an ambitious and demanding customer as Viking Line.
Thomas Öström, CEO Climeon
Viking Line deciding to include this technology in the design of all new ships is a major milestone, not just for us but for Heat Power as an alternative clean energy source.
Thomas Öström, CEO Climeon
“It’s a great honor for us winning such a prestigious award.”
Climeon CEO Thomas Öström
Frost & Sullivan
“Climeon AB has developed its innovative C3 technology that provides customers with superior operating efficiency and can be applied in a number of sectors including marine, industrial manufacturing, power generation, etc. This technology delivers a high return on investment and Frost & Sullivan fully expects this system to take off within the marine industry. Because of its strong overall performance, Climeon AB is recognized with Frost & Sullivan’s 2015 Technology Innovation Award.”
Krishna Venkataramani, Frost & Sullivan Senior Research Analyst
“No commercially available technology can convert water at 90 degrees Celsius to electricity with reasonable efficiency but the Climeon system exceeds 50 percent of the theoretical maximum of 18 percent,”
Krishna Srinivasan, Global President and Managing Partner, Frost & Sullivan
“Steadfast commitment to technology innovation is a sure-fire way to stay ahead of competition and drive future business value. Climeon AB has evinced such a commitment with the development of its leading edge C3 technology, thereby raising the bar for innovation in the marine waste heat recovery solutions market.”
With their exceptional network with key decision makers, DPI is a clear partner of choice for us in the Americas
Pernilla Wihlborg, Head of Business Development Climeon
Climeon Ocean is the only product that can take this “cold heat” and turn it into electricity with the high quality and relatively short payback times these customers require
Peter Häggblom, DPI Managing Director
It has always been a target of Climeon to change the planet for the better, with this agreement we extend our market reach dramatically
Thomas Öström, Climeon CEO
- We are very proud to be selected to represent Sweden as a National Champion.
Thomas Öström, CEO Climeon
- Climeon has always had a vision to recruit talents with a mind-set that everything is possible. It is through this we have developed our Ocean innovation with outstanding performance.
Thomas Öström, CEO Climeon
We are proud to announce this new sets of products. With the enhancements in the product line we can now deliver even more value for our customers and contribute even more in global CO2 reductions.
Thomas Öström, CEO Climeon
Our objective is to maximize energy production, environmental benefits and Return On Investment for our customers. The power scalability of Climeon Ocean™ is an important part for reaching these objectives since every heat source is different.
Dr. Joachim Karthäuser, CTO Climeon
Climeon Ocean has a unique design to capture low temperature heat and convert it into more than 100 kW of clean electricity, says Climeon CEO Thomas Öström. Heat that historically literarily gone down the pipe or up in the air has now become a valuable asset as well as an opportunity to reduce CO2 footprint.
Thomas Öström
“Our Ocean system has already by far the highest efficiency in the market for low temperature to electricity conversion and with this agreement we are further improving this position and also securing the volume manufacturing required by high customer demand”
Thomas Öström, CEO Climeon
“An efficient turbine is critical for maximizing the customer value and Deprag’s extensive experience for Turbine design and volume manufacturing is a perfect match for Climeon going forward. We have sucessfully worked together over the last 3 years and we are very glad that we now can take the next step in this cooperation”
Thomas Öström, CEO Climeon