“The Catalyst projects showcased at Digital Transformation World 2018 were incredibly innovative and demonstrated real solutions to industry challenges,” said Andy Tiller, EVP Collaboration and Innovation, TM Forum. “Catalysts showcase the power of collaboration enabled by TM Forum, and bring together a wide range of companies, industries and ecosystems. Our sincere congratulations to the winners and to all those who participated for their outstanding work.”
Andy Tiller, EVP Collaboration and Innovation, TM Forum
“We are deeply honoured to have been recognized with this prestigious award, not only for hard work it represents for all of team members, but for the strong validation it provides for our unique approach to monetizing Network Slicing,” said Mika Skarp, Founder & CTO of Cloudstreet. “As Network Slicing moves quickly toward wide-spread commercialization across the industry, we believe that the combination of our technology and carrier-friendly approach will echo the important business impacts recognized by the TM Forum and much anticipated for the mobile industry.”
Mika Skarp, Founder & CTO of Cloudstreet
“With the right mix of technologies backed by air-tight business cases, we’re once again showcasing the enormous opportunities opened up by offering Sponsored Slices”
Mika Skarp, Founder & CTO of Cloudstreet
“Creating a unique digital identity for each product brings unprecedented opportunities for brands. As consumers become increasingly connected to the goods they buy and love, RafMore allows brands for the first time to tell their stories around each product they ship and sell to boost consumer engagement, loyalty and social sharing. In a saturated media and marketing environment this represents a completely untapped channel and great way to extend brand reach.”
Ari Salonen, CEO of Magic Add
“RafMore allows brands to unlock the largely untapped potential of the labels attached to their products in a variety of different ways. RafMore connects each and every labeled product to the web and helps brands gather valuable information that can be used to increase consumer engagement, optimize logistics processes, and protect brand integrity.”
Jan Hasselblatt, Director, Global Business Development, UPM Raflatac
This partnership removes the last obstacle for Critical Communications from a network connectivity perspective and well in advance of the arrival of 5G
Petteri Suomalainen, CEO and Co-Founder of Goodmill Systems
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