Parents shared that optometric vision therapy was one of the interventions that makes a big difference in their children’s ability to read and learn.
Dr. Kara Heying, President of COVD
“We are issuing a special infographic for parents and educators to share with their friends and families. Please help us spread the word.”
Dr. Kara Heying
“To help parents and medical professionals in managing post-concussion children with their visual symptoms we are issuing Return to Learn: A Guide to Visual Recovery after Concussion.”
Dr. Kara Heying, FCOVD
“Precise coordinated eye movements are needed for focusing, eye tracking and binocular vision (eyes working together). All are required for maintaining eye contact and spatial awareness, even hand-eye coordination. All are potential concerns for children with ASD. However, if these skills are delayed, they can be learned.”
Ricki G. Robinson, MD, MPH
One of the biggest challenges brain injury survivors face is recovering enough to return to work or school. Brain injuries impact people from all walks and stages of life. Some recover quickly and others take years. Optometric vision therapy can make all the difference
Dr. Ida Chung
“When a vision problem is at the root of a child’s struggles with learning, it is often very correctable”
Dr. Ida Chung
“Whether it is the mystery of the bright child who struggles with reading or the child who takes forever to do homework, the story is often the same,” shares Ida Chung, OD, FCOVD, President of COVD, “these children continue to struggle until the underlying vision problem is identified and treated.”
Dr. Ida Chung
The classroom setting is definitely easier for Jayden now that he can copy things off the board easily, stay on task, and track the teacher. Since he is able to keep up with the class his confidence and self-esteem have soared. He is able to complete homework as soon as he gets home with very little frustration. He is able to watch an entire movie without losing interest and yes... he is better at video games now!”
Mrs. Corrie Catarra
“With the new school year ahead, the message for this year’s August is International Children’s Vision and Learning month campaign is: If your child struggles with reading and learning, make sure you see the right doctor, a developmental optometrist, before you assume your child’s vision is fine.”
Dr. Ida Chung, COVD President
When a vision problem is at the root of a child’s difficulties with reading, optometric vision therapy can make all the difference.”
Ida Chung, OD, FCOVD
“Vision Therapy changed my son’s life. There are no more tears! Jeremy is able to work faster on homework with better concentration. I no longer hear him say, ‘I CAN’T DO IT!’”
Donna Doernemann
“The majority of vision screenings and even eye exams are not designed to test for vision problems that interfere with academic success. It takes specialized testing to identify the majority of vision problems that interfere with reading and learning.”
Ida Chung, OD, FCOVD
While the search to find the exact cause for ASD is ongoing, the visual link to autistic behaviors provides some answers and help to improve quality of life,”
Dr. Ida Chung, FCOVD
“Visual processing problems are common in individuals with autism spectrum disorders. They can result in lack of eye contact, staring at objects, or using side vision… Suspect a visual processing problem if you see an autistic child tilt his head and look out of the corner of his eye… a child with poor vision processing may fear the escalator.”
Dr. Temple Grandin
Research indicates that as high as 80% of people who have had a traumatic brain injury are struggling with a variety of different vision problems which are a direct result of their injury.
Dr. Ida Chung
The changes in Shawn were dramatic: He can read without any frustration or headaches, ride in the car without getting car sick, play video games and even play tennis.
Skip Wieland
I attribute a lot of my recovery to Vision Therapy. It seems to have improved other aspects of recovery such as my balance and ataxia (a neurological condition where the communication between my brain and the left side of body is impaired).
Cavin Balaster
COVD doctors and vision therapists are dedicated to developing and rehabilitating the visual skills that are critical to reading, learning, and other activities of daily living
Dr. Ida Chung
If you really think about how much your eyes move when you are reading or when you are in the classroom, it is pretty easy to see that there is a connection.
Dr. David Damari, COVD President and Dean of the Michigan College of Optometry at Ferris State University
I cried when I realized I wasn’t stupid, but that I had a vision problem.
Christina (from Dear Jillian)
Our message for Learning Disabilities Awareness month is simple, if you continue to struggle with reading, even if you have been told your vision is fine, a correctable vision disorder could be at the root of your difficulty with reading and learning.
Dr. David Damari
We know it can be tough for parents to know what to do when their children are struggling with reading. The goal for Children’s Vision & Learning Month is to help parents to understand that the first thing they need to check is whether or not their child has a vision problem.
Dr. David A. Damari, COVD President
One child was actually being teased at school, the kids were saying ‘Camryn is beautiful, but she is dumb.’ Fortunately her mother heard about my book on Facebook and decided to take her child to a developmental optometrist also. Just last week she called me to let me know that Cameron also had a correctable eye coordination problem.
Beanie Leffler
It is our goal to help parents understand that vision problems can interfere with academic success, and they are typically very treatable. The most important step is identification.
COVD President, David A. Damari, OD, FCOVD
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