Changes in Componenta’s management: Harri Suutari elected as Chairman of Componenta’s Board of Directors, Corporate Executive Team to be expanded

Componenta Corporation Stock Exchange Release on 2 September 2019 at 13.20

Componenta revises its management to support the company’s growth and development following the acquisition of Komas Oy. In the meeting of the Board of Directors held on 2 September 2019, Harri Suutari was elected as the Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors. Additionally, Componenta’s Board of Directors passed a resolution on the composition of the new Corporate Executive Team. The changes relate to the acquisition closed on 30 August 2019 under which Componenta acquired Komas Oy from funds managed by CapMan, Fortaco Oy and certain private individuals.  

Following Harri Suutari’s election as the Chairman of Componenta’s Board of Directors, Petteri Walldén, who served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors until 2 September 2019, will continue as a member of the Board of Directors. The other existing members, Anne Leskelä, Asko Nevala and Harri Pynnä, will also continue as members of the Board. 

New composition of the Corporate Executive Team 

Miikka Jämsen has been appointed in Componenta's Corporate Executive Team as Director, Sales and Marketing, and Arto Pitkämö as Director, Machining Services. Both have a long history of working in similar positions at Komas Oy.  

Additionally, Sami Sivuranta, who returns to Componenta from his most recent position at HKScan as EVP, Industrial Operations, will start in the company’s employ as Director, Development, assuming responsibility for the integration project.  

Pasi Mäkinen, who previously served as Componenta's Chief Operating Officer, continues in the Corporate Executive Team and has been appointed as Director, Material Services. Mäkinen will be responsible for foundry, forge, hydraulics and plate cutting services.  

The composition of the Corporate Executive Team as of 2 September 2019 is: Marko Penttinen, President and CEO; Mervi Immonen, General Counsel; Miikka Jämsen, Director, Sales and Marketing; Marko Karppinen, CFO; Pasi Mäkinen, Director, Material Services; Arto Pitkämö, Director, Machining Services; and Sami Sivuranta, Director, Development. 


Marko Penttinen
President and CEO

For further information, please contact: 

Harri Suutari, Chairman of the Board, +358 40 038 4937
Marko Penttinen, President and CEO, +358 40 842 2811

Componenta is an international technology company. Componenta specializes in supplying cast and machined components to its global customers, who are manufacturers of vehicles, machines and equipment. The company’s share is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

Abstracts of the work experience of the Chairman of the Board and members of the Corporate Executive Team are available at the company’s website at