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Concordia Maritime is an international tanker shipping company. We focus on safe, sustainable, and reliable transportation of refined oil products, chemicals, and vegetable oils. The Company’s B shares were first listed on Nasdaq Stockholm in 1984.


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    The purpose of this initiative is to raise awareness about the importance of keeping our oceans clean and also to remove debris from a stretch of the coastline. Thanks to the enthusiasm and commitment of all the participants at our clean-up day, we filled 180 bags and 20 sacks with rubbish. We hope that all those who took part in this event will help us to generate and spread more interest in keeping our oceans clean
    Ola Helgesson CFO Concordia Maritime
    It is very important for us to provide knowledge, and increase the awareness of how littering affects our oceans and our environment. We are happy for the collaboration with Keep Sweden Tidy and hope that as many people as possible will do the web quiz and spread it to others
    Ola Helgesson, CFO Concordia Maritime
    As a shipping company, we feel that we have a particular responsibility to care for the world’s oceans and we have a strong focus on safety, transport efficiency and employer responsibility in our sustainability strategy. Now, by working collaboratively with the Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation, we want to show a wider commitment and practical involvement, and also help spread important information about what action can be taken
    Kim Ullman, CEO of Concordia Maritime
    We are grateful for the collaborative support of the companies and organisations that help spread our message. A cleanup day is an important part of our practical efforts to stimulate interest in environmental issues and a meaningful way to raise awareness of the extent of littering
    Andreas Frössberg, Project Manager at Keep Sweden Tidy
    With the ocean as our playing field, this is definitely an initiative that we want to support, and we thought that the concept of Concordia Maritime and Keep Sweden Tidy joining together for this event was very good. Marine litter is one of the most noticeable environmental changes for the yachting community and that is why any action, symbolic or otherwise, is of utmost importance. We hope to be able to organise another event like this together with Concordia Maritime
    John Holmgren, Board member of the Royal Gothenburg Yacht Club.
    Protecting the seas is vital for the future for all of us and here, we as a shipping company have an important role to play. Within the framework of our sustainability work, there is both safety and transport efficiency, which are part of our responsibility as an employer. The Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation and Concordia Maritime have a common interest in promoting a reduction in litter and thus also tackling the problem of plastic litter in the marine environment. We look forward to the collaboration
    comments Ola Helgesson, CFO, Concordia Maritime
    A lot of people will have to work together if we are to reverse the negative trend of all the plastic that ends up in our seas. The fact that Concordia Maritime has now decided to both increase its own knowledge and participate in the collection of litter is good news
    Joakim Brodahl, Operations Manager at The Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation
    In the years ahead, we also intend to support the Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation’s work in schools. We will also participate in and be involved in a number of Clean-Up Coast days where we ourselves and other volunteers will collect litter on beaches
    Ola Helgesson, CFO, Concordia Maritime
    The contract is fully in line with our fleet and earnings strategy. We are now taking advantage of the strong market and chartering out one of our P-MAX tankers over a longer period. This means that we ensure a good level of income for the vessel over the next two years, while balancing our exposure to the spot market in a well-judged way
    Kim Ullman, CEO Concordia Maritime
    The goal for the P-MAX fleet is precisely to concentrate employment on trades and chartering systems where the unique properties of the tankers come into their own, and where there is potential to achieve premium rates. The contract that has been signed shows the strength of this niche strategy – even when it comes to transporting heavy oil products
    Kim Ullman, CEO Concordia Maritime
    We are very happy to take delivery of the Stena Important, which represents the next generation of chemical and product tankers. Our first vessel in this series, the Stena Image, has been deployed in Stena Weco’s global logistics systems since April, this year, and is already performing beyond our expectations. The IMOIIMAX tankers are a positive continuation of our investment for the future and are setting a new standard for both cargo efficiency and bunkers consumption. We regard the vessels as an important step in the long-term expansion and development of our fleet
    Kim Ullman, CEO of Concordia Maritime
    The delivery of the Stena Image marks the beginning of a new era for Concordia Maritime. We already have a high-quality and well-balanced fleet, but with the addition of the IMOIIMAX vessels, which are the next generation of chemical and product tankers, our offer will be even more sophisticated and attractive in tomorrow’s exciting product tanker market
    Kim Ullman, CEO of Concordia Maritime
    The IMOIIMAX concept is based on what is already a well-established commercial reality where there is now an even greater focus on cargo flexibility and lower energy consumption, two factors that are a guarantee for both commercial and technical success
    Kim Ullman, CEO of Concordia Maritime
    We are very pleased to take delivery of the Stena Image, which in many ways represents the new generation of chemical and product tankers, especially in terms of fuel efficiency, cargo capacity and safety. The Stena Image, as part of the IMOIIMAX concept, is a leader when it comes to these three aspects and sets a new standard in both our customers’ and our own interests
    Kim Ullman, CEO of Concordia Maritime
    This agreement strengthens our presence still further in the strong Suezmax market. At the end of last year, we chartered 50 percent of a Suezmax tanker. Both these tankers will be employed on the global spot market via the Stena Sonangol Suezmax pool. Also in the pool is our owned Stena Supreme. We regard the increased investment in the crude oil segment as a good complement to our P-MAX fleet of ten vessels with a focus on product tankers
    Kim Ullman, CEO of Concordia Maritime
    This is a testament to the fact that our P-MAX tankers make a major difference when properly utilized. We are very pleased to be able to extend this charter, which, alongside our business partner, we have long and successfully cultivated in this region of the world
    Kim Ullman, CEO of Concordia Maritime
    We have been working hard throughout the year to implement a more assertive charter strategy to maximize the strong earnings capacity of the vessels, which is also the case within the framework of this agreement
    Kim Ullman, CEO of Concordia Maritime
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