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Crosser designs and develops Streaming Analytics and Integration software for any Edge, On-premise or Cloud. The Crosser Platform enables real-time processing of streaming or batch data for Industrial IoT, Data Transformation, Analytics, Automation and Integration.


  • Johan Jonzon


    Tradgardsgatan 18, 852 31 Sundsvall
    0046 70 6430030
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    This round of funding enables us to expand internationally, build out our partner ecosystem and to invest further in the development of our platform. The first step will be to expand into Germany, the leading industrial country in Europe
    Martin Thunman, co-founder & CEO
    In a time when the IoT market grows rapidly, we spend a lot of our time thinking about industrial IoT and the next paradigm shift for the industry: industry 4.0. Crosser stands out because they understand the big picture, and has built a platform that complements and improves the customers' existing technology. We are really excited about this partnership and what it will bring
    Martin Gemvik, Senior Investment Manager at Industrifonden
    We believe that Crosser is extremely well positioned to become a key solution provider in Germany but also globally and we are excited to support the company on this journey
    Alex Meyer, Partner at 42CAP
    We are glad to announce cooperations with dedicated IoT providers like Advantech. Together we can deliver Crosser Edge Analytics Expertise to an iot-mature network of enterprises
    Martin Thunman, CEO
    We are proud to work together with Crosser, a leading provider of Intelligent Edge Analytics software for Industrial IoT. Together we strenghten the corporation with a strong objective to simplify the integration of Intelligent Edge Analytics for the industry
    Rick de Vries, Sales Manager Industrial IoT at Advantech
    In our library of modules, we have a couple of machine learning alternatives already, but with Ekkono we’re introducing the ability to do real-time, incremental learning on streaming data to learn individual conditions and adapt to changes over time
    Mikael Samuelsson, Director of Strategic Alliances & Partners
    We provide one – though crucial – component to the solution, and we work with state-of-the-art partners, like Crosser, to ensure comprehensive functionality and quality to customers
    Rikard König, CTO at Ekkono
    We see an increase in using video cameras as sensors in industrial IoT applications. Embedded vision systems enable valuable use cases including yield optimization, count & measure and collision avoidance, but also generate loads of data. Fortunately Crosser’s Edge Streaming Analytics solution is a perfect environment for implementing vision algorithms close to the cameras
    Martin Thunman, CEO
    IIoT projects rely on partnerships and ecosystems to decrease time to market and lower the risks and costs of the projects. In that context, it's vital to quickly find the best of bread solutions — That's why we choose Intel marketplace
    Mikael Samuelsson, Director of Strategic Alliances & Partners
    Machine Learning has a natural place in Edge Streaming Analytics for many use- cases
    Martin Thunman
    Edge Computing is used to off-load cloud services and data centers by applying smart computing of machine data close to the data source, which is necessary for complex environments and big data volumes
    Martin Thunman
    Edge platforms play a vital role in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. MachNation research has identified that most industrial IoT deployments leverage edge computing in order to deliver enterprise-grade solutions
    Dima Tokar, Head of Research at MachNation
    Valmet and our customers have high requirements in terms of performance, usability, and security. Crosser has met all these requirements with their easy-to-use solution. They also showed great flexibility and speed when we had requests for new features and functions.
    Tomas Edstrom, Industrial Internet Manager, P&E FPU R&D, Strategy & Product Portfolio
    We’re honored to be included in the Cool Vendor report by Gartner, which we believe is due to our innovation in user-friendly edge analytics and mass-orchestration of Edge Nodes,
    Martin Thunman
    His strategic and technical leadership experience from joining two companies at early stages and being part of taking them public will be important for us as we embark on our own journey of growth. Görans ability to understand market trends, customer requirements as well as deep tech and translate that into market-leading solutions will be very valuable for us
    Martin Thunman
    When we started Crosser we had the foundation already built which has enabled us to bring a product to market in a very short time. The funding will allow us to expand the team and to invest in sales and marketing
    Martin Thunman
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